Outdoor Edge Razor Lite EDC

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

This is the sharpest, strongest, replacement razor-blade knife available, with blades that change safely and easily at the push of a button. The black-oxide coated blade holder supports the razor-blade for the strength of a standard knife and sharpness of a surgeon’s scalpel. The 3.5” Japanese 420J2 stainless razor-blades are precisely heat treated and hand finished shaving-sharp. The double molded Grivory® handle features rubberized TPR inserts for a non-slip grip, even when wet. The double sided thumb stud allows easy, one-hand opening and the replaceable pocket clip contours with the handle so it feels like an integral part of the grip. The Razor-Lite EDC is available with orange, blue or gray handles and comes complete with six replacement blades. Replacement packs of 6 blades sold separately.

•Knife Blade: 3.5” / 8.9 cm
•Overall: 8.0” / 20.3 cm
•Razor-Blade Steel: Japanese 420J2 Stainless
•Razor-Blade Thickness: 0.6mm
•Blade Holder: 420J2 stainless with black-oxide coating
•Handle: Grivory® with TPR inserts
•Pocket Clip: Grivory®
•Weight: 2.8oz / 80g

My Story:
When you are an outdoorsman you use knives. That is just part of the territory. You need them for just about every adventure and are nearly lost without them, especially after you make a kill. Luckily knives are not hard to find and can be purchased in just about any store. The issue is purchasing quality knives that are going to last. I have long been victim of this dilemma.
I own a lot of knives. I have custom knives, cheap knives, expensive knives, grandpa’s old hand me downs, and every other kind in between. I am no expert but I am a guy who has used a knife a time or 12. So, when I had the chance to try out these two products from the great people at Outdoor Edge I jumped on it.
I tested was the Razor Lite EDC as I just loved the idea of changing blades. Now, if you are a fan of replicable blade knives this is going to get you excited. At this point in time I’m sure just about every person has used some type of replaceable blade knife such as the ones made by Havalon. They are great knives indeed and the ability to have a razor sharp knife on demand without the hassle for sharpening is very convenient. The issue that knives like this have is that the blades are not nearly as strong as they are sharp. Anybody who has used one can tell you that a broken blade is a common occurrence.
Outdoor Edge saw what a good idea was and made it better. They took the replaceable blade idea and added a much needed improvement. They made it strong! Now you have the wonderful convenience of a sharp knife for the whole job without the risk of broken blades.
I had the pleasure of using my Outdoor Edge Razor Lite EDC for the entirety of the 2016 big game season and was able to use it on 16 different animals. I gutted, skinned, caped, boned, and partially butchered animals with this knife and I have to say I am in love with it. This is truly a blessing to the outdoorsman and should be in every hunters stocking this Christmas!

That said there are a few things that I would like to see changed. The first is that the blades can be a bit sticky to get off if they are clogged with meat or fat. This can cause a bit of a hazard as trying to pull off a stuck blade could result in injury. A simple notch at the end of the blade could be helpful for this. The other small issue was that the track for the blades can fill with gunk. I didn’t see this as a huge problem but thought it worth mentioning.
I was able to find a system for changing blades that worked for me and learned to absolutely love this knife. I think you will too.

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What could be done better?
As I outlined above I would like to see a small notch in the tip of the blade to assist in pulling the blade while it is full of gunk. This would help tremendously with blade changes. Aside from that I cannot find anything that I would like to change with this great knife and think that anybody would be happy to have this in the pack come next season.

I give this knife a 4.75 Rating as I really did love it. It could use a little more engineering to help with blade removal and it would make this a solid 5 star product.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability