Alaskan Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack Review


Title:  Alaska Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack

Editor:  Darren Wolz

Basic Description: Alaska Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack
Just the facts:

Approximately 8”X8”X4”, 4 pockets plus main compartment for the binoculars


The most common problems I have with binoculars are that they either bounce on my chest as I walk, put a strain on my neck, the lenses collect dirt or moisture, or they are not conveniently located.   The Alaska Guide Creations Bino Chest Pack resolves all of these issues and offers some other very welcome features.
Bowhunting in the West is one of my passions.  This means most of my time is spent in a spot and stalk setting where I like to have the binoculars handy.  The problem is, I don’t like messing with lens caps, which just get lost and they are too time consuming.  As a result, my bino eye pieces collect dust, twigs, snow or rain and when I need to use them, my view is impaired.  Another problem with traditional systems is that they take up valuable real estate and don’t leave room for important items such as a rangefinder and puffer bottle.
The Bino Chest Pack allows easy access to binoculars on your chest while keeping them encased and out of the elements.  The main compartment is roomy and padded.  My 10X50 Binoculars fit nicely in the main pocket.  My rangefinder also fits well in the smaller pocket in front of the main compartment.
The straps are designed to adjust easily and do no put any pressure on your neck.  The same case size will fit all sizes of people and adjust easily when adding or removing coats or other garments. The two side pockets would accommodate a small GPS, lens cleaner, puffer bottle, snacks or a headlamp.  There is also thin pocket on the back of the pack that would hold a map, license or other thin item.
I’ve taken the Bino Chest Pack on several hikes to watch wintering elk and deer and the system is very comfortable with no bouncing or annoying movement.  Due to the strap system , I did not notice the weight of my binoculars, rangefinder, and other miscellaneous items I took with me.
I’ve also taken the Bino Chest Pack with me to the archery range to see if the pack would interfere at all with my shot.  I was very pleased to learn that there will be no interference, even when carrying my rangefinder in the front pocket so you can be sure that the next time I’m sneaking through the woods on an archery hunt, the Bino Chest Pack will be with me.

What they could do better:

A slightly larger side pocket would accommodate more handheld GPS models.  A smaller and a larger model would accommodate those who prefer to carry smaller or larger binoculars.

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  1. Where can you purchase the Alaskkan Bino chest pack?. Thank You

  2. I love to read reviews on products I am interested in and I find yours helpfull. But on some products I would like to see dimentions of the holding/cary capacity, like the Alaskin guide bino case. I have the Vortex Viper 15X56 binoculars and they do not fit in many bino cases. So for future reviews could you please include this vital information? I think this case is exactly what I am looking for! I bow hunt the southern desert area of Arizona, spot and stalk. So everything I need must be strategically placed for the long haul! Thanks! Keep up the good work.

    • Great comments, I will go edit the reviews and indicate what size of binos would fit, outstanding comment.

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