Rig’EM Right Decoy Anchor System Review

Editor: Cory, from Team DeadFowl

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Quick Overview

If you’re tired of winding up decoy line and stuffing your decoys in a bag, this system is for you. The looped end allows decoys to be stored and carried on the provided spring clip without the use of a bag. The sliding weight design allows fast and accurate placement of decoys with one hand. Retrieval of your ducks is quick and easy and always tangle-free. This system is super-fast, field proven and has earned the Duck Commander™ stamp of approval. Pre-rigged. 1-dozen weights
Pre-rigged. 1-dozen weights per package
Available in three sizes:
30” Decoy anchors with 4-oz. weight
54” Decoy anchors with 6-oz. weights
60” Decoy anchors with 10-oz. weights



My Story:

It’s cold. I’m talking nostrils sticking together cold. I find myself sitting in my boat on one of the few patches of open water preforming the menial task of unwinding decoy cords and placing decoys for the days hunt. The bitter cold had rendered the once flexible cords stiff and uncooperative. Before my task was finished many of the cords had broken and left me to gather my flock of strays as they floated down stream. Much was the same as the day went on and the hunt ended the cords again proved to be no match for the bitter cold succumbing to the lack of flexibility caused by the bitterness and ultimately leaving me with nearly two dozen renegade decoys.
At home I wondered what could be done there had to be a better way. I had in my possession a package of the Rig’EM Right Decoy Anchors and because I obviously had to make some repairs to my battle worn decoys I decided to open the box and give them a try.
On first inspection I noticed they seemed to be of high quality material. The swivel system and cordage looked to be of about the best material available. The weights being of typical size and shape looked fine as well. Nice as the material was it was the mechanics of it that caught my eye more than anything. This system can be deployed and gathered without the hassles of wrapping or unwrapping cord or bending weights.
I attached the weights to the decoys with ease. A better method than a swivel to attach cords is unknown to me. It took me less than half the time to fix up the new dozen as it would have to fix half as many with other methods.
In the field is where the rubber meets the road and gear is put to the true test. After throwing out a full bag of my “Other” decoys I moved on to those newly equipped with Rig’EM Right Decoy Anchors. Holy smokes! No unwrapping, no fighting weights, no broken cords. This is as simple as unclipping one decoy from a carabineer and throwing it out. The decoys settle into place and the hunt begins!
After the hunt came time to pick up and go home. Every duck hunter knows that the worst part of any hunt is picking up a spread even if it was good day. The monotony of the task is sometimes almost unbearable. The pick up on the older decoys went as it had before ultimately leaving me with broken cords. The Rig’Em Rights were another story altogether. I cannot even begin to explain the relief I felt as the simplicity of the task unfolded. Simply pick them up and clip them on. No breaks, No tangles, no fighting stiff weights. This is truly a fantastic system!
I hunt out of a boat most of the time. That is to say we place decoys with a boat most of the time. Often times the weather can be pretty nasty and there is a need for fast retrieval of decoys. In the past this has left us with a pile of decoys on the floor of the boat and hours of untangling at the launch. With the Rig’em Right Decoy Anchors you could throw 6 dozen decoys haphazardly to the bottom of the boat and have no fear of any serious tangles to deal with later. They are comprised of stout cordage that is not easily tangled. In short they just work.
If you want a system that is easy to use, reliable, and built to make your hunt as successful as possible this Rig’EM Right Decoy System is the best on the market.

What could be done better?

For fast moving water I think the barrel weight design could use improvement. Possibly a mushroom weight would work slightly better to hold the ground. I also would like to see the kits offer larger/heavier weights in the shorter versions. There is not really much that can be done to improve this system in my opinion it truly is the best.

Rig’EM Right Decoy Anchor System Review by Team DeadFowl
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