Butler All Season Sleeping Bag review

Editor: Tyson

Basic Description:
All Season Sleeping Bag Large in size, high level of comfort. Meant for truck camping, not packing in.

Just the Facts:
Comfort Zone: -20 to +65 degrees. Weight: approx. 22 lbs. Filler: Hollofil 808 Outer: 12.5 ounce marine grade, water repellent canvas Lining: Polyester/Cotton Flannel Zipper: Heavy duty brass zipper All seams reinforced Made in the USA

What do think when you hear the words “Sleeping Bag”. I think most people  would think of mummy bag, light weight or something you can just cram into a small stuff sack. Well this bag is none of the above.

This bag is the opposite of what you generally think of in a sleeping bag. The butler bag is a very durable bag made out of a heavy duty canvas. The brass zipper they use is also very durable. The zipper system is almost perfect and installed in such a way as to almost eliminate snagging. This bag will take some extreme use and abuse to wear out.

I’ve had the All Season bag for 4 or 5 years  and what a comfortable bag it’s been. It is the only bag that I will use when I’m camping in areas I can drive my truck to.

This bag is made to be a layering system. It has a insulated canvas layer on the top and bottom and two insulated layers in the middle.

The 4 layer system makes this bag very versatile in a variety of temperatures, Other bags I’ve used seem to only have a comfort zone that can fluctuate 10 to 20 degrees. This bag has a comfort zone that ranges around 85 degrees.

I am an American, so my personal favorite thing about this bag is that it is Made in the USA. The only thing that can be tough to swallow with these bags is the price. At a retail price of $380 that can be a bit step for most a lot of people. But these bags will last a very very long time and I personally don’t mind paying a little extra for a product that is Made in the USA.

What they could do better:
It is perfect, but man it is pricey!!!

Butler All Season Sleeping Bag review
  • Functionlaity
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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