Klymit LWD inflatable boat review


Klymit LWD Editor: Cory McLaughlin   Just the Facts: An advanced inflatable boat developed with input from professional kayakers and packrafters, the LiteWater Dinghy – LWD – will expand your backcountry playground. Easy to take with you, the LWD weighs only 35 ounces and packs to the size of a one-liter bottle. Made from lightweight, […]

How to Catch Trout Under the Ice, Ice fishing tips and tricks


How to Catch Trout Under the Ice There are a few simple things you can do to catch more trout under the ice. The short days and cold weather make it tough enough on your winter fishing outings. I’m going to give you three simple tips that you can take to the bank when it […]

How to catch more fish, trout, the Littoral Zone


Catch More Trout: The Littoral Zone You want to catch more trout and there are ways to do that! There is an especially important sector of knowledge for those of you who fish lakes for trout. If you pretty much just go to the lake, take out a tackle box, and then throw out into […]

How to fish with Rapalas, best fishing lure for trout


Best Rapalas to Catch Trout The most ancient of fishermen’s axioms may be that big fish eat little fish. And for the freshwater angler, the classic Rapala in black over silver, black over gold, or the Rainbow (sizes F7-F11) may be the granddaddies of lures. Rapalas are deadly for trout when tied correctly and fished […]

What Trout Eat—Know Your Technique Part 3


Editor: Mark Part 3: What Trout Eat—Know Your Technique This is the concluding part of a three-part series on What Trout Eat. In the first part you learned about the bugs trout eat. http://ireviewgear.com//cool-gear/what-trout-eat-3-part-trout-fishing-series In the second part you learned how to read the water trout live in. http://ireviewgear.com//cool-gear/what-trout-eat-know-how-to-read-a-trout-stream-part-2 In this final part, let’s pull […]

What trout eat Know how to read a trout stream part 2


Editor: Mark Part 2: What Trout Eat—Know Your Water In Part 1: What Trout Eat—Know Your Bugs, you learned the primary food sources for trout. Now that you understand what trout are feeding upon; and now that you have the general knowledge to identify these insects and know what sort of imitation to present to […]

What Trout Eat, 3 Part trout fishing series


Editor: Mark Part 1: What Trout Eat—Know Your Bugs This is the first part of a three-part series. Understanding what trout eat, where they find this food, and how to imitate it will mean your fishing trips become more about catching that searching. With your new-found ability to catch more fish, you are in that […]

How to fish with PowerBait, Berkley Power bait fishing tips


5 Ways to Improve Your Results with PowerBait Editor: Mark You hear they’re hitting on PowerBait. You run to the store and pick up three or four jars in the colors that whisper to you as “the most fishy.” What else is there to know? Hey, knowing they are hitting on PowerBait is just the […]

Must know fishing Knots, most used Fishing Knots


Editor: Mark 6 Knots to Know (Nirvana) These six featured knots won’t serve your every fishing need, but each one is a proven knot with superior performance for its intended use. Understand that factors such as type of fishing line, thickness of line, season, targeted fish species, etc., all play a role in deciding the […]

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