Hatfield Custom Knife Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:

Custom hunting knife made by Hatfield knives out of California:

Just the Facts:

Price: $200.00 S30V stainless steel drop point hunter. CA. buckeye burl handle scales. OAL-8-1/2 inches. Blade 3-1/2 inch. Mosaic pins.

I have always wanted a customer knife! Who has not right? I have spent some time looking around trying to figure out a knife that worked for me: Price, Function, and HIGH quality were the main drivers for me.
I am a hunter and wanted a knife that worked for the hunter. I also wanted a knife that met by budget, thankfully that budget has moved up over time.
I did some research online, in forums, etc…and finally landed on a customer knife from Hatfield. They reviews he has received from the hunting community are just outstanding. So, it was a no brainer for me.
I gave him a call, and then checked out his facebook page:

Mr Hatfield gave me great guidance through email, his facebook page, and via the phone. After several discussion I landed on the Drop Point Hunter knife made of S30v Steel.
I was lucky enough to make this decision when he did not have a knife in stock, so I was able to get updates and photos during the build process.
I am going to post all of those photos here in one lump gallery, you will be able to see the knife in all stages..and the sheath of course:
Here ya go:

Hatfield Customer Knife build and review
Hatfield Customer Knife build and review











Ok, you have looked at the photos, you know why I decided on this knife, now, after having it 1 year how has it performed?

Let me start by saying I am buying another one, and then eventually buying one for each of my adult kids, simply put, this is a great knife, and a great tool, I LOVE IT.

I have used the Hatfield knife on 2 elk, and 2 deer. On each deer I caped, and quartered the deer. On the elk, I skinned, and quartered using the guttless method.

I decided after using it on these 4 animals that it was time for a sharpening. Before I did the sharpening however, I decided to do my shave test. I wet my arm just a little and then easily shaved a 1 inch area with the knife, OK, no need to sharpen, WOW!

I am confident that a hunter could easily butcher 4-6 animals with this knife before you would need to sharpen. This is far better than any knife I have owned, and is frankly just remarkable.

The knife is well balanced in my hand, and as you can see has a nice long ergonomic handle. This keeps the knife where it should be, and protects your hand from slipping onto the blade.
The sheath is also outstanding and made of very thick leather. The knife fits slugs in the sheath, and there is little concern about carrying this in you pack, or on your belt. It will stay put.

Great knife, and certainly my go to hunting knife. I pack it and one other knife in the field when I hunt. The look and functionality are top notch, and I consider this the best knife I have every owned.

What they could do better:
Make more fast!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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