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Basic Description:
A lightweight, comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking, very technical sock that features Nuyarn fabric technology. Designed to protect and cushion your feet in rugged mountain terrain this sock can be comfortably worn for extended days. The unique style and shape of KUIU’s Ultra Merino Crew Sock provides you with the additional technical support necessary to protect your feet from the pounding and friction they take in rugged terrain.


Facts and Technical Features:
• 17.5 Micron Certified New Zealand Merino Wool
• Nuyarn Advanced Yarn Technology
• 3.1 0unces/pair
• 61% Nuyarn, 19% Nylon, 15% Lycra, 5% Spandex
• Thermo regulating
• Odor reducing
• Inherently stretchy
• Quick drying
• Moisture wicking
• No itch
• Shock absorbing
• Crew length
• Strategic cushioning
• New Zealand Made

• 3 x 1 Rib Cuff to hold sock up & stay in place
• Shin protection pad.
• Extra thick ankle protection and high heel Achilles cushioning.
• PaladinTM Protection pad relieves pressure from boot laces and protects the top of the foot
• Elasticated arch to lock sock onto
foot (ESS TM) ensures minimal bunching and no ride down, assisting in blister free wear.

• Seamless toe closure for ridge free comfort.
• Left & Right construction for anatomical fit.
• Articulated ankle.


My Story:

I’ve spent hundreds of days out on the mountain over the years backpacking and hunting in rugged terrain that can take an incredible toll on your feet. I’ve learned through the “school of hard knocks” that if you don’t provide your feet with the highest quality protection by using high performance boots and socks that you will pay the ultimate price. If your feet are sore and blistered I guarantee that you will be incapable of successfully meeting the physical challenges that mountain hunters face. This is why the socks you choose are so critical to your overall success.


In today’s high tech outdoor clothing market there are plenty of quality hiking socks to choose from that may meet your individual needs. For myself, I prefer a mid-weight Merino Wool nylon blend hiking sock that stays relatively dry by wicking the moisture away from my feet in helping prevent blisters as well as odor. With KUIU’s release of their new Ultra Merino Wool Crew hiking sock I knew immediately that I needed to order a pair to try them out in the field. Believe me, I was not disappointed as I found that these lightweight crew socks met my demanding expectations as they have provided me with the following important qualities:

• The highest quality Merino Wool Nuyarn fabric combined with nylon
• Odor resistant
• Wicks moisture away from my feet
• Sock drys quickly
• I can wear these socks for multiple days out in the field without having to change them. This helps me to reduce weight.
• Very comfortable. Molds to my feet. This Ultra Merino Crew is technically designed to cushion my feet in the heel, pads, ankles and other key locations to eliminate “hot spots.”
• I always wear liners with my socks and found that this combination with the new KUIU Crew not only keeps my feet dry but it has insulating qualities to help my feet stay warm in colder conditions.
• Form fits my feet as the Ultra Merino Crew features a technical left & right construction with a featured elasticated arch to eliminate slipping and bunching that can lead to hot spots and blisters.

If you look closely at KUIU’s Ultra Merino Crew you will immediately see the difference in how this sock is engineered in comparison to other hiking brands. I was impressed with the seamless toe closure as there is no seam to rub against my toes when climbing inclines or descending declines. This can be a real issue for me in the steep sandstone terrain I spend much of my time in. There is extra, strategic cushioning in the KUIU Crew that provides protection in specific areas on my foot such as the Achilles Tendon. I like the light/dark grey with black highlight colors of this sock. Priced at $29.99 the KUIU Crew is expensive but the high performance you get is well worth the price. I personally would recommend the purchase of this sock.
Stay safe everyone and “keep your boots warm” for your next hunting adventure. I hope that this review has helped you in making a very critical decision as to what your next purchase may be when purchasing a high performance sock.

What They Could Do Better

This sock met every one of my expectations. Great job KUIU on another super product. I look forward to your release of a “polypropylene liner” to go with your Merino Crew in the near future.

KUIU Ultra Merino Wool Sock Review
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