Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Radiant Heater

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Just the Facts:

Model No: MH9BX – Portable Buddy

I almost froze to death on a September Antelope Hunt in Wyoming! The temps only dipped to about 20 degrees F, but our tent was near a stream, on frozen ground, and was just flat freezing inside.
After this trip I started doing some searching on safe ways to heat a tent. Through internet searches and posting on, I came across the Buddy Heater by MR Heater.
I have always been PARANOID about heating tents, and so should everyone! Heating tents can be DEATH. Any type of flame can burn up oxygen fast, and kill the people inside. BE CAREFUL!!!

I went with the Buddy Heater for my tent for several reasons:
1: They are suppose to be indoor and tent safe, due to a low oxygen shut off.
2: The size is good, and I felt I could stick it in the tent easily.
3: Other have used it for years with good success
4: I was tired of being so cold, even when I had good bags, and want to hunt in below zero weather.

Ok, now how did it work? I used the tent on 2 different outings: Idaho October Deer Hunt, and a February Scout outing.

The temps dipped to 18 degrees at night. We turned on the heater right at bed time and quickly heated the tent up to 54 Degrees. At that point due to my level of caution, we shut the heater off. During the night I woke up once and again turned on the heater. It would easily heat my 10×16 Kodiak tent up to 54 degrees. I did the same early in the morning as we woke up.

Utah Scout Outing:
The temps dipped to 10 degrees F..COLD!!! We went through the same process as I did in Idaho: Start the heater at bed time, once in the middle of the night, and again in the early morning. We were using a 10×16 Springbar tent. Each time the inside temperature in the tent went to 45 degree. I think I could have gotten it warmer, we just shut if off quickly.

I am very happy with the Buddy Heater, I felt it took the edge off in the tent we were using. I could get comfortable for dressing and sleeping in about 20 minutes. It brings temps up in tents significantly.

I have heard people say at elevations over 7800 feet you will stuggle to get it running, that is not a bad things, and speaks to how the low oxygen sensor works. We camped at about 6000 feet both times, and had no issues.

Great job guys at Mr Heater, I highly recommend this great little heater. It seems to be about right for up to 160 sq feet of tent.

What they could do better:
It goes through the fuel, not sure they can improve this, but it goes through a small green tank in about 2 nights.

Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater for Tents Review
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