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Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

Simple and elegant shovel holder for any rear mount spare tire, or spare tire carrier.

Simple and very effective design

Just the Facts:

-Steel made with outstanding welding

-One size fits all

-Easily mounts to wheel holes, or all way back to spare tire carrier

-Keeps shovel secure even on the roughest trails


If you are going off road, then you need a shovel!  It really is as simple as that. 

When going off road with a jeep, I always say, “geez I don’t know throw it on top, or put it in the back seat, I know we need a shovel, but where should I  put it???” I usually end up sticking it on top of my cargo rack, and bungee it down.

The guys at have solved this problem for me. With this simple and elegant shovel carrier I am no longer puzzled by where to stow my shovel.

The Shovel Carrier consists of a long eye bolt, a nicely designed U that fits over the shovel handle, and a screw down clamp that secures the shovel against my spare tire. It took me 30 seconds to mount my shovel, and it was NEVER in the way the rest of the trip.

With the shovel secured to the back of my jeep I traveled some EXTREMELY bumpy and rough trails, not just the smooth slick rock, but some teeth jaring bumps and ruts. The shovel did not move on cenimeter. WOW, nice job guys.

I love this carrier for the simpleness of the design, the nice look it gives my jeep, but mostly because it just works!

In my opinion, if you are a jeeper this is a MUST have. Way to go, you have a real winner.

What they could do better:

Get the word out, we all need one.

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