Havalon Piranta Edge Knife Review

Editor: Colorado Jake

Basic Description:
Razor sharp and light weight skinning knife with replaceable blades

Just the Facts:
Blade length: 2-3/4″
Overall length: 7-1/4″
Weight under 3 oz with holster and replaceable blades

After watching a couple commercials and trying to shave weight out of my pack. I bought a Havalon Piranta edge knife for a backcountry hunt in 2011. I went all in and for the price, I was not expecting much. It, however, crushed all of my skepticism.

I was slightly concerned with taking it into the field with no true test. I ended up shooting a nice buck and was truly amazed at how quick and easy it made deboning a deer at 12,500 ft. With the same blade. I also capped out the head with surgeon type accuracy and performance. I ended up breaking one blade while trying to remove the jaw bone with a little too much lateral torque.

The same year, I also harvested a bull elk and again had great success with the knife. I broke a couple blades while deboning him out. But, I blame that on poor technic. The knife is so sharp. That you need to relearn proper cutting methods and let the knife do the work. With non-replaceable type knifes you can get away with using more “elbow grease”.

After, two years of field abuse. I have now deboned 3 deer, 3 elk, 3 pronghorn, and a black bear with it. It works great with proper technic, and I hardly break blades now. I never plan on buying another knife. The Havalon Piranta knife is awesome and will serve you for many years.

What they could do better?
Removing the blades is a little sketchy. I pack a tiny multitool which makes the task much safer.

Havalon Piranta Edge Knife Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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