Zamberlan 967 Lhasa boot Review

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Tall rugged hunting boot

Just the Facts:
The StarTrek features a dual-density PU midsole (one lower-density layer for cushion and one higher-density for stability and shock absorption) with a TPU stabilizer under the arch and is easily resolable. The outsole features excellent tread for superior grip, good downhill braking, a toe-climbing zone, and lugs wide enough they can be easily cleaned with a stick or finger. Feel the slight rocker on this boot as you climb uphill with ease.

Made from premium Hydrobloc® treated nubuk leathers, this boot is both durable and comfortable. The full Zamberlan RRS (rubber rand system) will protect your feet and boots as you climb rugged rock. The combination of the Hydrobloc® water resistant treatment and Gore-Tex® lining provide excellent protection against water and moisture.

Hand-crafted in Italy. Available in Anthracite

Editor: Utah Jake

The right equipment can make your backcountry experience the experience of a lifetime, the wrong equipment or poor equipment can make it an absolute nightmare! Having the proper gear not only provides a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, it ensures your physical safety. Once you’re in the backcountry, you’re on your own. It’s critical to be prepared for the type of terrain you’ll be in.

Whether it’s the hunt of a lifetime, or the backpacking trip you’ve waited all year for, any experienced outdoorsman will tell you there’s nothing more important than staying dry, and taking care of your feet. Your feet pack you in, and your feet pack you out. You gotta take care of your feet so they can take care of you!

About twelve years ago I went on a backpacking trip in the Wind Rivers. Being young and inexperienced, I bought a cheap pair of hiking boots for the trip. I’ve heard it said that pain is the best teacher… and I can testify that to be a true statement. By the time we got ten miles into the backcountry, my feet were so blistered I could barely walk. I ended up limping down the mountain; pain shooting through my feet every step of the way. That was one of the most memorable trips of my lifetime. Partially because it was the first time I explored the Wind Rivers, and they are hands down one of the most magnificent mountain ranges in the world. But also because my feet hurt SO bad that I barely made it out. It was a powerful lesson that I’ll never forget.

Since that trip I have worn out more pairs of hiking boots than I can remember. When I’m backpacking on a nice, groomed trail I prefer an ankle high hiking shoe such as a Vasque or a Merril. However, when I go hunting I am seldom anywhere near a groomed trail. The terrain is often steep and rugged, and requires a boot that provides better ankle support and a stiffer sole. The two things that can ruin your hunting experience faster than anything are being wet and cold, or having sore feet.

The Zamberlan 967 Lhasa boot is the ULTIMATE hunting boot for the type of terrain I hunt in. It is a taller boot that provides both great ankle and foot support that is unmatched by any boot I’ve ever worn. It is hard to find a boot that is both comfortable and durable, and this boot is the perfect combination of both!

The lacing system is phenomenal. When you lace them up you feel like your feet locked in. Your foot won’t slide around at all in this boot, and it provides incredible support that prevents you from rolling your ankles on the steep rocky hillsides. There is adequate room for your toes so that no matter how steep the country is, they never make contact with the front of the boot. The Vibram sole has great traction and is stiff enough to handle the roughest, rockiest country you will ever encounter. You can walk across rocks without even feeling them. They are 100% water proof, yet still allow your feet to breath.

This boot will spoil you. It’s one of the best hunting investments you will ever make. After hunting in this boot, you will wonder how you ever managed without it. Your feet will love you!

What they could do better:

Get the word out, these boot are hard to find.

Zamberlan 967 Lhasa boot Review
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