SwiftWick Pursuit Hike Sock Review
Medium and light cushion version

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
Designed for hikers who demand dry performance, the
PURSUIT™ HIKE offers Contoured Compression™ Fit and
Fiber-First™ Moisture Wicking to empower your adventure.
The addition of Swiftwick’s signature Olefin fiber to the
proven outdoor performance of Merino Wool creates the
driest performance hiking sock in its class. Swiftwick offers
the PURSUIT™ HIKE in multiple cushion options; so you can
choose the right socks for your trail, pack load and personal
preference. Swiftwick’s engineering and attention to detail
create the ultimate connection between you and the trail.

Just the Facts:
• Linked Toe Technology
• Contoured Compression™ Fit
• Fiber-First™ Moisture Wicking
• Dry Performance


SwiftWick Hike Socks
SwiftWick Hike Socks

My Story:
I have to admit I am a bit of a Sock Snob, ok more than just a bit. I love good socks, for many reasons:
-A good sock keeps your feet comfortable
-A good sock keeps your feet dry
-A good sock keeps your feet blister free
-A good sock keeps you in the game.
I took possession of 2 pair of the SwiftWick Pursuit Hike socks in both Light and Medium cushion late in August of this year. The timing was great as I was able to use the socks on some late summer hikes, and then get them on my feet for some fall, and winter hunting expeditions.

Do not think less of me, or consider me a slob when I tell you that I spent the first 5 days of September wearing the medium cushion sock every day. No I did not wash them for the 5 days. I was thrilled to find the sock held its shape, and stayed comfortable the whole time. Socks can, when worn multiple days, become…well crusty and lose both their shape and cushion. The SwiftWick Pursuit socks did not suffer from this fate, they kept their elasticity, and their comfort.
Test 1 passed with flying colors!

I decided I was really going to put these socks to the test, so, I only took 2 pair of socks on a recent 10 day outdoor adventure to Colorado. The conditions were perfect for a good sock test, but not ideal for being in the outdoors.

SwiftWick Socks Hiking in Colorado
SwiftWick Socks Hiking in Colorado

On this outing we experienced HEAT, Rain, and MUD. Did I mention Rain and Mud? I wore the SwiftWick socks in a rotating fashion, letting a sock rest for 1 day while wearing the other. I wore the socks underneath Zamberland and Kenetrek boots. I found the socks to just simply be fantastic! You will notice immediately upon putting the sock on, how well the cushion part of the sock is designed. It keeps the bottom of your foot feeling like it is floating on a cloud, but then tapers to the top so you do not feel like the sock is bulking and bunching up.

I hiked upwards of 10 miles per day, in all kinds of weather. On an event like this, a problem with your feet puts an END to the event. I had planned for this outing for over a year, and simply could not afford to have blisters or sore feet any time during the 10 days of hiking.
Blisters on feet come from several issues that can occur during hiking: Friction, Poor fitting shoes, poor fitting or loose socks, and excess moisture. I put all of my trust in the SwiftWick socks to keep my feet dry and free from friction during this event, and they did the trick!
I wore just 2 pair of socks over the 10 days, both SwiftWick Pursuits. The socks just held up so well, and did all that I had hoped they would. My feet were dry every day thanks to their great ability to wick. My feet also were totally blister free, in large part to the SwiftWick socks fitting so well, and not losing shape even after being worn multiple days. NICE WORK!
From August until mid-November I have really put the SwiftWick socks through the ringer. I have worn them for multiple days, worn them outside without shoes on, worn them around the house, worn them on hard hikes, and worn them to work. I have washed them many times, and dried them in a variety of ways. I think of all of the gear I have tested, I have given these socks the most thorough and most rigouous set of tests. They passed each with flying colors.
Today my SwiftWick socks are on my feet as I write this review, they look as good as they did day 1, and more importantly feel as good.

Well done SwiftWick, we are a believer!

What they could do better:
They nailed it!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability