Kinesis Pro GTX by Scarpa

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Just the Facts:

With a full-grain leather upper, multi-density cushioned midsole and the weather protection of GORE-TEX®, the Kinesis Pro GTX is our premier, fully-featured backpacking boot that will hold up to years of rugged, extended treks—on or off the trail.


  • SIZE OPTIONS: 40 – 47 (half sizes); 48-50 (whole sizes)
  • WEIGHT REFERENCE: 850g; 1lbs 14oz (1/2 pair size 42)
  • UPPER: 2.4mm Smoothout Leather
  • LINING: GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort
  • OUTSOLE: Vibram® Biometric / XS Trek
  • INSOLE: Activ Plus
  • LAST: BD
  • RAND: Full

My Story:

If you need a rugged backpacking boot that is built for the adventurer that often finds themselves carrying a heavy load you need to check out the Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX.  Scarpa built a high-quality boot that was built to give you support and stability when packing a heavy load.  These boots take whatever abuse you throw at them and keep your feet protected and happy. This boot was built for the backcountry adventurer that doesn’t just stick to the beaten path; they blaze their own way wherever they dream of going.

I got ahold of the Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX right as archery season was starting here in Washington State.  I was eager to try out my new buts as they appeared perfect for the kind of terrain, I would be hunting in.  I tried them on the evening they arrived and wore them around the house for a couple hours as I played with my dog and did my house chores.  The next morning, I wore them into the office.  I had a project that was nearing the end of construction, having a solid boot with good traction would work perfect.  There was not a ton of walking that needed to be done, but enough to make for good activity to break in the boot.  The Smoothout leather upper was stiff and tight.  I could tell right away that this boot was going to take a bit of time with light use to get properly broken in.  With only a few weeks of archery season I wanted to wear the Kinesis any chance I could to hopefully get them ready to chase elk up and down the Blue Mountains.

The afternoon of that first full day of wearing the Kinesis Pro GTX boot I ran home as soon as the work day was over, took a quick shower in scent killer, grabbed my bow, and stared at my Kinesis boots for a few minutes debating on whether I should wear other boots that were fully broken in, or take advantage of the relatively easy half mile hike into the tree stand to give the boots a little more wear time towards the break in.  I wasn’t overly confident that I would have the opportunity to see any legal bucks, most had been coming in about an hour after dark with the occasional outlier that didn’t get the memo to come feed at night.  The vanity of a new boot won, I laced up the Scarpa Kinesis boots and hit the road, eager to get out of town and into nature.

I got up to camp a short time later parked my truck and hopped on the Ruckus.  Trying to get as close to the tree stand as I dared. I left a large hill and about a half mile trek between the scooter and the stand I was planning to spend my evening enjoying nature in.   As I hiked into the tree stand, I was feeling good.  The Kinesis boots hugged my foot and ankle providing me with great support as I worked my way up the hill and through the brush to my stand.  Being an early September season, I was thankful for the waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX liner.  Not so much the waterproof part at this moment but the breathable part.  My feet were working hard to get my gear and myself to our destination.  The last thing I needed was to have a swamp in my boot, that just tends to ruin the day.

As I arrived at my stand, I was very happy that the hike wasn’t any further or harder than it was.  The boots still needed some work to get fully broken in and get to that fully comfortable state.  I climbed up into my stand, the evening sun beating directly down on me, and settled in for some much-needed recharge and reset that can only be gained through time in the great outdoors.  After a few hours of my mind wandering, enjoying the view and reading my book I heard some footsteps off to my right.  There grazing his way towards my front was a buck!  Just as the last few minutes of light were fast fading, I let the arrow go.  It found its mark and the buck made its way down into the deep draw that I was sitting at the top of.

After waiting 20 minutes I climbed out of my tree stand and started tracking my quarry.  Luckily through the waist high brush, and fairly steep hill side the trail by headlamp was not a hard one to follow.  Within short order I was standing over my harvest.  I felt blessed and a bit nervous.  I knew that the work was about to begin.  I was going to have to pack this animal out of the draw with brand new Scarpa Kinesis Pro boots on.  Boots that were not really broken in yet.  This was about to become the ultimate test for a new set of boots.  How would they hold up

I loaded up my pack, strapped it on my back and struggled to my feet.  I had to get to the bottom of the draw, up the other side, and back to the vehicle.  The first test was heading down the hill in front of me.  The hill was covered in loose rock and slick dead grass.  The Vibram Biometric / XS Trek outsoles did their job, biting into the turf keeping me from slipping and sliding down the slope.  The high cuff gave me great support going down the uneven terrain.  In the bottom of the draw I crossed the small creek that was almost more of a trickle at this point.  Slogged through the mud and started the assent up the hill side.  With much stumbling, huffing and puffing I made it up to the top of the hill, and finally back to my vehicle.  I can honestly say I was very happy I had worn my Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX boots at this point.  This is exactly what this boot is built for.  Although classified as a backpacking boot, this boot has the look and feel of a rugged mountain boot.  It is built for trekking with a heavy load on your back.  When loaded down you can really feel the support and stability that this boot provides.  Your feet and ankles will not have to overwork to compensate for a lack of support when burdened.  I was very impressed, for a boot that was not yet broken in my feet felt good.  This sold me on the Scarpa Kinesis Pro GTX.

I continued to wear the Kinesis over the next few weeks in my daily routine.  I wanted to ensure that if I found myself lucky enough to be in a similar situation again it would be with a fully broken in boot.  The Kinesis had proven itself worthy in tough conditions and become a boot I could trust.  Over the next few months I wore the boot on numerous hikes on well beaten trails, through loose scree slopes, fording creek crossings, muddy river bottoms, and open fields.  Coming in and nearly 2 pounds per boot, it is not a light hiking boot, but when the conditions get rough and the packs get heavy you notice the stability and support provided by the Kinesis, not the weight.  The Kinesis is a great durable hiking boot for the person who finds their own way.  It was made to withstand abuse and help you endure the tough tasks with ease.

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What Could Be Done better:

As with most boots, the insole leaves something to be desired.  There is not much arch support and overall foot cushion to it.  I had to swap the Activ Plus insole out for a custom insole.  With this minor change I have no complaints.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability