Chippewa Artic 8inch Boot

Chippewa Artic Style 73126 8 inch Outdoor and Work Boot Review:

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Boot:
Chippewa All Leather, Waterproof, Artic Hunting, working and outdoor boot.
Great boot for cold weather, late season hunting and working!

Just the Facts:
Style 73126
Upper: 8 inch Tipped Briar
Leather: Tipper Briar
Lining: Sockout Wicking microbial material
Insulation: 1,000 Gram of Thinsulate r
Insolbe: Texon t-90
Outsole: Black #1289 Big Horn
Toe: ASTM F2413-05 Approved Aluminum Toe, Electrical Hazard Rated
WaterProof: Yes, Chipateck lining

The good people of Chippewa Boots asked to Use and Review a pair of the Chippewa Artic 8 inch boots.
I was excited to find the box at the front door just a few days later. I became even more excited when I opened the box and found the GREAT LOOKING, perfectly crafted boots! I have to admit that I just stared at them in amazement. These boots look more like a piece of equipment than a pair of boots. They are just impressive.
What is impressive? The leather is THICK, the lining, including the insole is just perfectly crafted. The size 10 boots from the outside looked more like a size 12. They are just beefy!
I was immediately stunned by the quality of workmanship. The boots have double, triple and yes even quadruple stitching on every seam. The vibram sole is attached to the leather with great workmanship, and lots of sewing 
The laces are outstanding, and slip easily through the eyelets. This allows the laces to be easily tightened from the mid lace point. A great feature that makes fitting and putting the boot on a breeze.
Ok, on to the use and abuse we put this boot through:
I took the boots to Idaho on a late hunt. The weather forecast looked bleak, and it was spot on. We spent 4 days hiking, climbing, sitting, and hiking some more, in COLD and WET weather.
There was so much moisture on the vegetation, and in the air, that literally I had NO dry places on my entire body. The mud was deep and thick!
How did this boot fair in the weather. In a word…Perfect!
I found the vibram sole in use to be outstanding. I had great traction, and better yet the sole dropped the mud out easily on almost every step. The design is perfect for slogging.
The leather took unreal abuse! We were hiking in thick wet brush. It weathered it very well. I was able to stay dry and most importantly very warm in this boot. The 1000 grams of insulation was really needed, and felt great. My feet never were cold.
I wore the boot day after day, and loved them more each day, and more each hike. They are a big heavy durable boot, but ideal for tough tough situation, and cold wet weather.
The large toe box, and ample space really made for a great deal of comfort. My feet felt like they were in heaven when I was hiking or sitting..
When the trip was finally over, the boots looked USED…and they were. I took a towel, put some wax on it, and within a few minutes and a few strokes the boots looked as good as new.
This boot is not just a boot, it is a piece of equipment. It served me perfectly in hash conditions. I would recommend this boot for tough outdoor situations, cold wet weather, and for WORK! This boot would be one of my first picks for late season hunting. It is also now my GO TO boot for WORK. It is just tough and comfortable. Great job Chippewa.

What they could do better:

I would like the laces to be a little longer.
I like to wrap the laces around the top on this type of boot, and they were JUST long enough.

Chippewa Arctic, Outdoor, Work, and Hunting Boot Review
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