Salomon Quest 4D GTX

Editor: Cameron

Basic Description:

The Quest 4D GTX is a light weight hybrid backpacking boot, containing the great features of a Salomon trail running shoe and a trekking boot. The boot is waterproof and contains Gore-Tex’s Performance footwear lining to help keep you feet cool and dry.


I have been wearing the Salomon’s for 3-4 month’s now and I have to say I am impressed at the comfort, support and construction of this lightweight hiking boot. I originally got this boot with the intent to use it for summer scouting and early season hunting. I could see using this boot antelope hunting or early season Elk and Mule deer hunting when the temperatures are 70+ degrees out. I have worn these boots in wet miserable Oregon conditions and my feet remained dry. This boot is made out of suede leather and a cordura like synthetic fabric; this is a big key in the breathability of these boots.

This boot combines the best features of a running shoe and hiking boot. You get the all day comfort of a shoe and still get a good amount of support with a boot. I would have no issue carrying 40-50 lbs in my pack while hunting or scouting in these boots. For those of you that do not like to wear heavy mountain boots this would be a great option for you. I have carried over 100lbs in my pack with these boots and they felt great and I was pleasantly surprised. I will say that I was not off trail with this weight, but I have been off trail with 50 lbs with no issues what so ever.

This boot has sort of a dual type lacing system which I find very nice. The eyelets that lock your heel into the rear of the boot completely lock the laces in and they do not go anywhere. It is rather hard to get your laces undone sometimes. This allows you to loosen the laces above or below this point depending on weather conditions and user preference. For me if I the temperature dips I would loosen the laces on the bottom of the boot to keep blood flowing and to give my feet some more wiggle room to increase warmth. Yet I could still have the tightened around my ankles for support.

This boot has not replaced my taller mountain boots as the level of support is not quite there. But, these boots have become my number one summer scouting boot and hiking boot. I love these things! If you guys need a summer hiking scouting boot or hunt in hot temperatures and want a lightweight supportive boot than these are the best I have found.

What they could do better:

These boots were very comfortable out of the box; however I had issues for awhile with the eyelets poking through and hitting my ankle bone. The issue is now gone after 50+ miles in the boots and I have well over 100 miles in them without issue. Maybe perhaps a little more padding on the inside part of boot.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Boot Review
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