Obenauf’s Leather Oil Review

Editor: Jacob Long

Basic Description of Item:

A leather boot treatment to maintain healthy leather, waterproofness, and performance.

Just the Facts:

Use Obenauf’s Leather Oil for regular maintenance and preservation of leather items, specially when warm, dusty, or dry conditions are dehydrating your valuable leathers. Our Leather Oil is a gentle blend of natural oils, waxes, and propolis that extends the life of leather and also rejuenates neglected, dried, faded leather. Easier to apply than our Heavy Duty LP, it provides fast, convenient protection that also preserves. Obenauf’s Leather Oil:
Restores dried leather to a soft and supple condition.
Restores sun-faded leather.
Repels water.
Resists cracking, scuffing, and dry rot.
Applies easily with the applicator cap or with a clean cloth.
Penetrates deeply into leather.
Can be buffed to shine or polished over.
Excellent for touch-ups between applications of Heavy Duty LP.
Contains no harmful silicones, petroleums, solvents, or neatsfoot.
Gentle on the leather, but remarkably tough in it’s preservation qualities, Obenauf’s Leather Oil is perfect for leather furniture, exotic dress boots, saddles & tack, motorcycle leather (provides outstanding protection against wind, sun, and water), garments, baseball gloves, work boots (firefighters use it to protect their boots from scorching heat of forest fires), automotive seat leather (protects it from the baking sun) holsters & scabbards, and much more.


Obernauf’s Leather oil

I have been using Obernauf’s products for several years now. They were introduced to me while fighting wildland fires here in Colorado. My boots were seriously weathered and drying up. After the first treatment. I noticed a huge improvement in their condition and performance. I use the Leather Oil and Heavy duty LP on all my leather boots. I prefer the liquid Leather oil as it’s easier to apply, seeps into all the small crevices, and around the eyelets.

Make sure to follow the directions with cleaning before applying. I like to use a soft car sponge to help get the dirt off with mild soap and water. They say if you don’t do this step. The sand and dirt will act like sand paper in the cresses and slowly wear holes through the leather and into the gore-tech lining.

Over the years of using Obernauf’s products. I haven’t had any issues on my Crispi Hunters, Redwing loggers, or other leather boots. The oil hasn’t had any side effect on the glue attaching the rubber rand or performance of any of these boots. It has kept the waterproofness like new and the leather looking healthy.

What they could do better:

This product will darken leather so if that’s an issue look into something else.

  • Functionality
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  • Durability