Zamberlan 1014 LYNX MID GTX

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

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 Just the Facts:

DESCRIPTION: The camouflage patterned 1014 Lynx Mid GTX delivers astonishing comfort, fit and performance on a relatively lightweight and extremely stable platform. The Lynx Mid is excellent for early-season backcountry bow-hunting where a mid-high, protective, and uninsulated boot is required.


Features include:

▪ Camouflaged Zamberlan Vibram® 3D outsoles are extremely rugged, provide excellent grip on a variety of terrain, feature an uplifting forward rocker and solid downhill braking

▪ Resolable

▪ Dual-density midsoles are made of PU with TPU stabilizers and Vibram’s premiere backcountry rubber compound

▪ Uppers feature Zamberlan’s latest leather creation with a unique camouflage blend to enhance your entire hunting kit, from head to boot

▪ Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort membranes provide waterproof protection and breathability and are guaranteed by Gore-Tex® for the life of the boot

▪ Microtex® collars wick moisture from around the collar and reduce leg abrasion for greater comfort

▪ The ZFS (Zamberlan Flex System) allows the upper to break forward comfortably without compromising lateral support and protection

▪ Available in regular (ZBPK) and wide (ZWL) sizes

▪ Made in Italy



UPPER Nubuck Leather With Hydrobloc® Treatment

LINING GORE-TEX Performance Comfort

INSOLE Flex 4mm + PE

OUTSOLE Zamberlan® Vibram® 3D Camo

SIZE RANGE 8 – 12, 13

HALF PAIR WEIGHT 760 Gr (Misura/Size 42)

LAST ZBPK Performing Fit

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My Story:

Another archery season has come and gone and while it was a relatively unsuccessful year for me I did walk away with a few wins. The Zamberlan 1014 MID GTX boot was certainly one of those. I live in Washington State and in the eastern part of the state things look vastly different than what you see of the Washington in the Twilight movies. Here it is dry and open with a mix of wheat fields and high desert. We have sage brush rolling into agriculture lands and then slamming into the foothills of several different mountain ranges. It is both gentle and rough country and it is the perfect place to test boots.

I am no stranger to the amazing quality that Zamberlan boots offer. My past experience with this great company has had me singing their praises for years. Just last year I had the pleasure of testing out the little brother of the Lynx called the Leopard. You can see that review here: As you read it I am sure you can see that I really liked the boot. When I saw that Zamberlan offered a version of this same boot with a bit more height, I knew it was something that I wanted to try out. We have burrs, cheatgrass, Russian thistle, and all other manner of pesky junk that loves to find its way into your boots as you walk and the added height was something I was very excited to test out.

The boot was insanely comfortable right out of the box. This has become a kind of reoccurring theme with the Zamberlan boots I have tested. It is my honest opinion that these are a “box to base camp and beyond” type of boot. I pulled them out of the box and took them on a brief scouting trip and was instantly impressed. The only thing I had to do was add a pair of aftermarket insoles to them. I do have pretty messed up feet from military life and a pretty gnarly vehicle accident which left me with a severely broken foot. The injuries of the past still haunt me today and thus I cannot use the stock insoles from nearly any boot manufacturer. My messed up feet aside, I truly believe that the insoles should be replaced anyway as they are pretty thin and have room for improvement.

I tested these great boots through the entire archery deer and elk seasons and again during the rifle season. I have a total of about 100 miles on these boots and my feet still love them. Now I could sit here and talk to you about all the fancy technical stuff about the boots such as the ZFS (Zamberlan Flex System) which allows for better mobility. We could talk about the innovative and super cool looking camouflage leather and outsole. We could mention the bullet proof Vibram PU and TPU stabilizers or the Goretex membrane. I guess I could have even mentioned the Microtex collar that helps wick moisture away from your leg and reduce leg abrasion. There is lots I could have talked about but who has time for that? LOL! Now as a product reviewer, those things are interesting to me but most everyday folk don’t know what any of that has to do with hunting.

So let’s talk about what really matters. Let’s talk about the two things that people always ask even though it is a completely subjective answer. Are they comfortable and do they leak? What I can tell you after 100 miles is yes and no. Yes these are insanely comfortable boots and no they do not leak when wet, at least not that I have found. Would I recommend these boots to family or friends? I would scream it from the top of a mountain, which these great boots helped me hike up, and I would say without reservation YES!   

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What can be done better?

Insoles, insoles, insoles, I just can’t say it enough. I just can’t figure out how these high end companies can make such amazing boots and they skimp on the insoles. I would love to see them partner up with somebody like Superfeet or SOLE and take these boots to the next level! You might notice a little bit of damage to the leather as you walk through rough terrain but that is to be expected. The Nubuck leather is nice and think and will keep you protected against even the gnarliest  of brush and boulder. The boot is a freaking rock star and I believe you will love them.  

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability