Merino Wool Sock Review, from SAMS Club, Omni Wool


Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:
Sams club 3 pack of Merino Wool socks

Made by Omni Wool


I love to wear Merino Wool sock. In fact my like of wool socks has gotten so out of control that I am wearing them  every day, not just for hiking, and hunting.

Merino Wool does several things that are really important to me:
-It wicks moisture, keeping your feet from getting soggy
-They compact and give cushion, but rebound like no other material, keeping them good for years of use
-They are warm, but not hot.

I am high on Merino wool socks, and very high on the OMNI Wool socks from SAMS club.
I have spent over $20 on a single pair of socks on several occasion, ok I am a sucker. The Sams club pack
of 3 socks can be purchased for $14.98. That is a heck of a deal.

I have used these socks now for a couple of years. I have worn them in Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho, on a variety of hunts.
I have found them to be very durable, very comfortable, and very affordable.
Socks can occasionally wear at the top of the heal, when this happens, there is a high probability of blistering in that area. The OMNI Wool socks have not shown any sign of this.
This pair of socks is a mid weight sock, which I like. It gives me enough cushion without being so thick that I cannot feel my foot.
Overall, this is just a great sock, at an outstanding price. I highly recommend them to anyone that hikes, hunts, or just likes kicking it in a comfy sock.

What they could do better:
Spot on

Merino Wool Socks Review, OMNI WOOL, SAMS Club
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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