Rocky Broadhead Hunting Boot Review

Editor: Wade

Just the Facts:

▪Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level
▪BoneCage Technology, a webbed design of protective overlay on both sides of the boot structure and protection against scrapes
▪TalusFlex technology maximizes mobility
▪Durably Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX
▪Lightweight abrasion resistant skins are attached to lengthen the wear cycle
▪Ultra light – 1.5 lbs per pair!
▪Ultra light and flexible BroadHead EVA outsole allows you to know what you are stepping on

I was recently given the opportunity to try a pair of the Rocky Broadhead bowhunting shoes. What a great opportunity for me!!
I have had multiple pairs of bowhunting shoes in the past (including pairs of tennis shoes with carpet glued to the soles). Every pair had its flaws: from no support, to bulky, to wet, to carpet falling off, etc etc… Consequently, I have always been a fan of carrying an extra pair of scent free socks, keeping them handy for that last 100 yards of a stalk and going in shoeless. The worst part about that is the wimpy soles of my feet! Rocks and thorns still hurt even with two or three pair of socks.
My carpet feet and wet sock days are over! I fell in love with these hunting shoes. Of course they are camo and extremely lightweight. They provided much better than expected foot and ankle support. Multiple times (as we all know) my 100 yard final stalk turned into miles of mountains, brush and streams. My feet felt great (unlike the sock trick). I got to the point that I would wear them all the time rather than just carrying them for the sneaky times.
They are a gore-tex boot and I was extremely impressed with their ability to keep my dry. I remember one particular morning on a mule deer hunt, I had to cross a field of wet grass. I knew for sure I was going to be wet, but to my delight, both feet were both perfectly dry. That morning sold all of my buddies that were with me on the shoes.
I don’t profess to be much of a tree stand hunter but I did climb into a few this year. The shoes have a soft rubber sole that proved to be silent in the stand. Both sitting and entry/exit were much quieter than I ever remember.
I did not get the chance to test the boot in extreme conditions such as steep cliffs or severe cold. I know that is not what they are designed for but they had performed so well in every other condition I expected them to surprise me again.
I do have a trip planned to Hawaii in January where I look forward to using these shoes again. The weight factor will help as I try to keep my luggage under-weight. I am sure that my entire group will be jealous as we chase deer and sheep with our bows. More than likely they too will buy some as they get back home.

Rocky Broadhead Hunting Boot Review
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