Hoffman Explorer 8 inch Boot Review

Editor: Mike

Just the facts:

Hoffman Explorer 8 inch un-insulated hunting and hiking boot.
Hoffman’s introduces the 8″ Explorer; a hiking boot developed for the most demanding outdoorsmen in the most demanding conditions. A solid one piece vamp made with the finest 2.8 mm thick leather provides excellent ankle support while a nylon mid sole adds plenty of lateral stability on uneven terrain. Lightweight and breathable, the Hoffman Explorer is perfect for any season, work or play. Boot highlights:
• Sympatex waterproof liner
• Vibram outsole for added grip
• 2.8 mm thick leather

My Story:
You know you are wearing a good boot, when in the middle of a nasty hike, you forget you are doing a boot test. This is exactly what happened to me on 2 different occasions during my month long evaluation of the Hoffman Explorer 8 boot review / test.
Why did I forget all about the boot? It was just that comfortable that I put it out of my mind, it felt natural, it felt like it belonged, it was just part of the event.



The Hoffman boots that I am checking out, have now become one of my go to boots for hiking and hunting.
The day I received my Hoffman Explorer boots I anxiously opened them and put them right on. I did not have any hike planned so I spent the day just wearing them on my normal Saturday activities. I felt the normal foot feeling that you do when you put any high end boot on: This thing is kinda stiff, and this boot is a piece of equipment not just a boot. They are well made, with lots of extra stitching, lots of leather, and lots of great looking rubber 
There is way more to this boot than just all of that!
The boot laces up easily, and has nice tough grommets, allowing you to pull the boot to about any level of foot tension, either very tight to very loose. The laces hold well in the grommets and keep the fit consistent.

My foot fit well in the foot box, and I noticed that the toe box area was a little wider than my Zamberlan or Kenetrek boots. This was nice for me as I like my toes to be able to sprawl out a bit and not be cramped.
The fit of this boot reminded me of the fit of a Crispi Boot.

I was very pleased with the insole of this boot! It fit my arch very well. Most of the boots I buy, I immediately replace the insole with a customer type product. Not this boot, the insole is good enough and fit me very well. NICE JOB!

I have spent over a month now checking out the Hoffman Explorer 8 boot, and am frankly just in love with it!
I have taken it on the talus slopes of the Tuschar Mountains in Central Utah, to the sage deserts of South Easter Idaho. I have used it on the flats, in the steep mountains, in sand, in dirt, in rocks and in water.

I have not been kind to this boot, but it has treated me well

The Hoffman Explorer 8 boot is not a boot that you will be anxious to get off of your foot at the end of the day. It just feels good, and more importantly just works!

We at call this boot a BUY, and suggest it as a boot to fill that top end boot need you have.

Boot now days are expensive! But the failure of a boot on the mountain, on that once in a lifetime event can be more expensive. Go get the Hoffman! I am confident it will not disappoint.

Good toe box
Insole that is acceptable without replacement
Tough boot with a great sole and rand
High end boot, for a little less than the competition.

What they could do better:

No suggestions as of now, well done Hoffman!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability