Easton Kilo 3 person Tent Review

Basic Description of Item:
Light Weight Back packing tent made by Easton. Rated as a 3 person tent. Rated as a 3 season tent.
Sturdy tent that is made for light weight activities and back packing.

Just the Facts:

Three Season.
Waterproof construction with bathtub floor and taped seams.
Carbon Fiber Poles-Easton Carbon ION™ with shockcord.
Color-coded poles with quick-clip pole hooks for fast & easy pitching.
Quick-attach fly loops.
Double-wall construction.
Full mesh body offers excellent ventilation and insect protection.
Stakes: High-strength aluminum. (12g each)
Vestibule space for small pack or gear.
Guy Lines: 4
Velcro tabs secure fly to frame.
Single door and vestibule.
Available footprint.

Editor: Mike


I decided I would take the Easton 3p 3 season Kilo Tent on my recent Wyoming elk hunt. We set up a base camp and then back packed into an area that required a light tent. I felt the Kilo would be a good choice for this type of hunting.
It is rated as a 3 person tent, so I felt it would work well for 2 people.

I found set up of the tent to be quite easy. It has 2 poles that form the spine of the tent, and that flare the opening.


It came with very nice tent stakes that were easy to drive into hard ground. The stakes are also quit durable and should not bend!
The tent is well marked with connectors for the base tent and the rainfly. The rainfly connected easily and formed the 3 season tent.

The tent poles are also very nice. They are made of carbon and are very light and durable.

I finished the set up quickly and easily. I did find some things during set up that I was not thrilled with:
-The rainfly is made of great light weight material, however it is just too small. It leaves too much space at the bottom for moisture to get in.
-The vestibule is so small that it can hardly even be used for 1 pair of boots.

I then moved on to checking out the inside of the tent. This tent was rated as a 3 person tent. I found it slightly smaller than a Marmot 2 person tent that we also brought on the trip. OUCH!
The 3 person tent really was not suitable for 2 people, due to the super small vestibule, and the lack of space inside.
I can deal with a smaller tent if the vestibule is large enough to put a pack or other gear under, not gonna work on this tent.

The front entry of this tent also leads to a smaller feel. It is hard for 2 people to effectively use the opening and get in and out. I prefer a tent with a side opening that is larger and easier to use.

I also found the staking of the tent to be a bit of an issue. This is NOT a self standing tent, and does require staking to keep it set up properly. I am not a fan of this, and much prefer a self standing tent.

– The Easton Kilo tent is LIGHT, and great for keeping your pack light.
– The tent is very small for the rating it is given
– It functioned ok, kept moisture out, but lacked some features I would like to see.

What the could do better:

– It is too small
– The vestibule is way to small, and almost unusable
– No small hanger loops inside to hang a small light
– Tent is not free standing
– Front small opening made it difficult for 2 people.

Easton Kilo 3p 3 person Tent Review
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