Klymit Motion 60 Pack and Inertia O Zone Sleeping Pad

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Just the Facts:
Weight/Mass: 41.4 oz / 1174 g
Volume: 55L +5L pocket
Waist Size:
S/M: 27-40 in / 70-102 cm
M/L: 31-46 in / 80-117 cm
Torso Length:
S/M: 16-20 in / 40-51 cm
M/L: 19-23 in / 48-59 cm

Load Rating: 55 lbs / 25 kg
Fabric: 210D Nylon Base and 150D Silicone Impregnated Nylon upper
Features: YKK Aquaguard zips and Hydration Compatible
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Weight/Mass: 12.2 oz / 354 g
Dimensions: 72″ x 21.5″ x 1.75″ / 183 cm x 54.6 cm x 4.4 cm
Type: inflatable Sleeping Pad
R Value: Loft Pockets
Inflation: 4-7 Breaths
Packed Size: 3.5″ x 6″ / 8.9 cm x 15.2 cm
Includes: Stuff Sack, Patch Kit
Fabric: 30D Polyester Top / 75D Polyester Bottom
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Klymit 60 pack
Klymit 60 pack
inertia klymit pad
inertia klymit pad

My Story:

O my aching back! The thought just circled my head over and over as I walked painfully step after step. My old hand me down pack was just that…Old. It was time to get with the times as they say and so began my quest for a new light weight backpacking pack. I have long loathed the bulky Army pack that I wore while I was in the service and the external frame while bullet proof and sturdy comes at the expense of weight and often times comfort. While searching for light weight backpacking gear another thought came to mind. It was time to upgrade from the thin foam pad that has been my bed for more nights than I can count. My body is not getting any younger and those back pains that I once laughed at my father about have found their way into my life. So the search for a comfortable pad ensued. This has been an ongoing quest and many packs and pads have come and gone in the search for the “next best thing”.
Life has its twists and turns and it came to pass that I was blessed with the opportunity to test and review gear. This is truly a blessing as it has afforded me the ability to get hands on experience with some of the best gear in the world. This path of reviewing led me to Klymit, a great American company that just happened to sell both light weight packs and sleeping pads. After working out a few details I had both of the aforementioned products sitting in a delivery truck en route to my house. I had a backpacking trip planned for the Eagle Cap Wilderness and it was time to put Klymit and their Motion 60 Pack and Inertia O Zone inflatable sleeping pad to the test.
The Klymit Motion 60 comes in at a very light weight of 2.6 lbs. and is equipped with a large main compartment, one large external pocket, two hip belt pockets, two stretch side pockets, and two top lid pockets. The frame is made of one metal rod in the shape of a block letter n and a small inflatable frame sheet called an Air Frame. This technology allows for the wearer to adjust the pressure/stiffness of the frame to fit their comfort level. It also allows the frame to contour to the wearer’s body as it bends and twists. The pack has four compression straps per side to secure the load and one compression strap that runs over the top of the main compartment. There are two small tabs with a plastic hook for attaching cordage or bungee’s to secure items on the outside of the pack. The hip belt has one small clip in the front that can be adjusted by four compression straps, two on each side. The pack also has load leveling straps located just above each shoulder. Pulling the straps brings the weight of the pack forward and puts it more onto the hips. After getting the fit I desired my pack was filled to capacity.

My load out was as follows:

inertia klymit pad
inertia klymit pad

1- GSI Halulite Micro Dualist cook set
1- Can butane
1- Small stove
1- Clothing bag with extra socks, drawers, a light fleece, Rocky S2V Windshirt, and long sleeve shirt
1- Dog Food Bag for my good pal Caly
1- Food bag W/ 4 dehydrated meals
1- Small food bag W/ 3 instant breakfast, 4 oatmeal packs, 6 Nature Valley bars, 4 Panther bars, 10 Squencher packs, and one pack of homemade jerk
1- Sawyer 2L gravity water filtration system- the clean water bag becomes a 2L bladder.
1- 4 panel solar charger
1- Small .380 caliber pistol W/ extra 6 rd. Mag.
1- Leatherman tool
1- First aid kit
1- Thermacell
1- Collapsible fishing pole and small box of lures
1- Small toiletry bag- toothbrush/toothpaste, travel deodorant, TP, wet wipes, and floss picks
1- Pair lightweight flip flops
1- 1 liter water bottle
1- Sleeping bag
1- Headlamp
1- Klymit Inertia O Zone Sleeping pad

This came to just under 30 lbs. and was possibly a tad bit more than was necessary but it was what I felt comfortable with on my 4 day adventure. The larger items fit into the main compartment with ease. I designated the smaller front pocket for the water filtration system and the solar panel as it was easily accessible. The pack lid has two zippered pockets one on top and another under the flap. My medical kit went in the external top pocket and my wallet and keys into the under flap pocket. The stretch side pocks were reserved for the water bottle and the fishing pole. As for the two belt pockets, the left held the pistol and an extra magazine, and the right held the Air Frame pump ball, Leatherman, and headlamp. Lastly, a carabineer was used to clip the flip flops to the outside of the pack.
We hit the trail around 1700 on a Friday. It was our plan to make it to either Culver or Bear Lake by nightfall. The next two days would take us to two more lakes Eagle and Heart and our trip would end after completing a loop hike that totaled just over 19 miles. As I packed the Motion 60 with all my gear I found it to be more comfortable than I anticipated. I was worried that the small waist belt clip was going to cut into my stomach as I walked. I’m not a big guy but I’m not a body builder either. Lucky for me the “Dad Bod” is in right now. However, with that comes a little bit of squish that can make small straps across the midsection a bit uncomfortable. All my worry was for not. The pack fit wonderfully and within a few miles I knew it was going to be the least of my worries.

inertia klymit pad
inertia klymit pad

Our first night was soon upon us and the camp was set in the timber near the shore of Culver Lake. The white granite walls reflected the suns last light into the rippling alpine lake and it was beauty that is nearly indescribable. The moon soon traded places with the sun and a whole new world of darkness and mystery welcomed us. It is odd how a body reverts back to nature’s clock when in the wild. It was just after 2100 but I was whooped. It was time to put that Klymit Inertia O Zone sleeping pad to good use. It had only taken me around 5 or 6 breaths to fill the pad in the fading light. Now that darkness was here I was ready to take advantage of the work my lugs had done to fill that pad.
The Inertia O Zone is a very light weight pad weighing in at only 12.2 ounces. It has holes throughout that are a two part design. They both cut weight and provide pockets for sleeping bags to expand and provide insulating loft. The attached and included pillow is designed with an X shape to hold the head in place as you sleep. Though it may look like an odd bed, I assure you it provides padding and support in all the areas that are needed. Evidently, the Sandman is a hiker as well because sleep found me with ease.


The sunlight was my alarm clock and the fish my motivation to not hit snooze by pulling the covers over my head. The brook trout were breaking the surface of the water gulping up all the unfortunate bugs that crash landed into the lake during the darkness. Who can sleep in these conditions? I was not going to let them taunt me like that so I got up and hit the shore. The fishing was fantastic! Alas, nothing last forever and I had to move on. My pack was filled again and off we went.
Each day of our trip was averaging about 5 miles give or take. Each night I would unpack my Motion 60 and each morning I would pack it back up just a little lighter than the night before. Stops along the way for water refills were a breeze as the Motion 60 has that great external pocket that is perfect for my filtration kit and the easy access was both convenient and refreshing. The pack fit nicely and was never a concern which is the way I feel a pack should be. If a pack is nagging you and taking your mind of the beauty of the place you are in then it is acting as a thief. It is robbing you of the riches found in solitude and peace of mind. The motion 60 is no thief! My mind was on the towering granite peaks and beautiful meadows, flowers and stands of alpine fir. It was in the wild, as it should have been.
Klymit has really done a fantastic job with these two products. They are simple, well built, and they just preform. What else could you want or expect? The Motion 60 pack is the perfect pack for what I need for about 4-5 days in the backcountry. I’m sure I could stretch that if I had to. I truly am a fan of this great pack. The Inertia O Zone sleeping pad is small, lightweight, and comfortable. I will say that the pillow was my least favorite part of the pad. The third night of my trip I didn’t inflate it and just used my clothing bag as my pillow. Nothing bad to say about the pad that is just my personal preference. If you are looking for a new pack or a new sleeping pad I highly recommend heading over to Klymit and looking at what they have to offer. Pair Klymit’s great products with their limited lifetime warranty and you have a recipe for success.

What could they do better?
While the design of the Motion 60 is in my eyes fantastic, there are a few things that might help to really push others to purchase it. The pack is aesthetically pleasing right out of the box but the back country and the color white are not the greatest pair. For me this is not a huge issue but there will be some who are dissatisfied with white fabric that is destine to get dirty. The clip on the waist belt could be larger. It is not uncomfortable but it seems as though this might be a weak point in the pack. I’ve seen some others complain about the length of the straps. It is my belief that it is better to have too much than not enough. If you want them shorter, cut them, it really is that simple. The only other thing that I would like to see would be possibly making the two stretch side pockets a little deeper. By in large this pack is simply great and would be a great addition to any hiker’s collection. Fine job Klymit!
The Inertia O Zone sleeping pad is the perfect balance between comfort, style, and functionality. It is light weight and holds its own against other inflatable pads. The only thing I would like to see would be an elimination of the pillow and just making the whole pad just a bit longer. I found that it was more comfortable for my liking without the attached pillow. It is a great pad either way and would also be a great addition to any gear collection. Again, I say, fine job Klymit!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability