BadLands Mirage Tent Review


BadLands Mirage Tent Review Editor: Mike Basic Description of Item: Back Packing 2 person Tent by BadLands. Good for 3 season outings. Good for 2 people with gear. Editor: Mike Just the Facts: ALL OUT [FOOT PRINT INCLUDED] 5 LBS 9 OZ RAIN [BASE, FLY, STAKES, POLES] 4 LBS 12 OZ SIMPLE [BODY, POLES, STAKES] […]

Easton Kilo 3p 3 person Tent Review


Easton Kilo 3 person Tent Review Basic Description of Item: Light Weight Back packing tent made by Easton. Rated as a 3 person tent. Rated as a 3 season tent. Sturdy tent that is made for light weight activities and back packing. Just the Facts: Three Season. Waterproof construction with bathtub floor and taped seams. […]

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