Lite Outdoors Plateau 5 Man with 18’’ Cylinder Stove Combo

By Cory McLaughlin

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Just the Facts:

The LiteOutdoors Plateau is a lightweight tipi tent built with a stove in mind. The Plateau has a square base and plenty of headroom, this tent will keep you warm and comfortable in the worst weather conditions. With the ability to sleep 5 without a stove or 3 with a stove, the Plateau is incredibly roomy for its weight. Constructed from 20D ripstop nylon with a silicone/polyurethane hybrid coating, resulting in a lightweight fabric that is strong and incredibly waterproof.

  • Fully taped seams, no seam sealing required
  • Built in stove jack
  • 9″ sod cloth (snow skirt)
  • Large door with dual zipper for added ventilation
  • 9 main webbing loops for stakes
  • 8 secondary stake webbing loops for extra holding power in bad weather
  • 10 webbing loops for guy outs
  • Includes high quality tent stakes, guyline and guyline tensioners
  • Includes adjustable aluminum center pole




LiteOutdoors Titanium Stove

Designed for Fall/Winter camping, this light weight, packable, wood burning titanium stove will keep you warm and dry in the worst weather conditions. Use this stove to create a comfortable environment, dry wet clothing, or cook your meals. With a combination of stainless/titanium end plates, plus a titanium body and stove pipe you get all the benefits of titanium at a cost you can afford. Winter camper? Hunter? Preparing for the worst? This stove is for you.


Absolutely no tools are required to put this stove together.

An adjustable air vent allows you to adjust the amount of air entering the stove. This creates the ability to control how hot or how long you want the stove to burn to fit your needs. Use the damper on the stove pipe to keep heat in the stove longer, allowing the stove to keep you warmer.

Titanium is less heat conductive, which means more heat is able to radiate into the tent instead of getting lost up the chimney. This means more heat, slower burns, and longer burn times than stoves made of other materials. Titanium is also stronger and harder than stainless, and half the weight.

Our stoves now have the option of adding a stove baffle. The baffle diverts heat through the stove to keep the heat/gasses in the stove longer for a hotter, more efficient burn.

My Story:

Well here we are again at the end of another big game season. I, as I am sure many of you reading this, always hate when the hunting season ends as it bring about a somewhat sedentary few months without a hunt to look forward to. The weather is usually too cold to go camping and the days are short. On the flip side it is a great time to start looking at new gear and planning for the next year’s hunt. So, get out your notebooks because I have something to share with you.

I LOVE backcountry hunting. I love the thrill of the unknown and the unforeseen adventure that comes with each trip. One such unknown variable is the ever changing weather of mountain regions in the fall months. It was for this very reason that I first started to explore the modern tipi style tents and the titanium stoves that accompany them. In this search I have come across some truly fantastic gear such as that of LiteOutdoors and their Plateau 5 Man Tipi with 18’’ Cylinder Stove combo. Gone are the days of lying awake shivering in a freezing cold tent. These are the days where old school shelter ideas meet new age materials and design. The end result is a warm backcountry hunters dream come true!

LiteOutdoors is a Canadian company that specializes in titanium stoves and tipi style shelters. They are becoming a common name in circles of backcountry hunters when discussing the topic of “Hot Tents” and rightly so as the field is rather small. So, in a field most would consider niche how do you make a name for yourself? Well, you have to do something to get noticed. LiteOutdoors does this by way of your pocket book.

Most of the tipi stove combos out in the world today come with a very hefty price tag. While I have heard a ton of people express desire to have a hot tent the cost is often more than most can spare. So the first thing to notice about the LiteOutdoors Plateau 5 Man W/ Stove is that it is not going to break your bank. At $669 you will get a fantastic shelter and a stove that will keep you warm and dry while also cooking dinner. How can you argue with that?

The Plateau 5 man tipi is not exactly a tipi. It does not have the round base you might be thinking of but it sets up similar to tipi’s in that it has a single center pole and must be staked out around the base. The set-up is pretty straight forward and not something that I feel most people will have an issue with. Sure, there are some little tricks you might find that will help make setup a bit more to the point but overall I feel you will get it done without too many curse words. One helpful tip would be not to use the cordage at the stake out points. There is a small amount of cordage with a tensioner which can make for a frustrating set-up. I found it better to just put the stakes through the nylon loops.

The included stove jack must be cut before operating the stove/tent combo. To do this I used the steal ring that is used in the stove chimney. Place the ring over the grey stove jack fabric and trace a circle. Use a knife to cut an X through the circle allowing the knife to go slightly past the circle line as this will ensure that you have plenty of room for the chimney to poke out of the tent.

Assembly of the stove is pretty straight forward but it is not a simple task at first. I have used titanium stoves from several manufactures and this is just part of life while assembling to stove for the first time. Once assembled the stove must be “Burnt-In” meaning you must start a fire in the stove. Heat helps to set the shape of the titanium which will make subsequent stove assemblies far more reasonable. LiteOutdoors has some YouTube videos ( that will help you assemble the stove for the first time.

My front yard was the first testing area for the tipi/stove combo. After getting a fire rolling in the stove I was very impressed with how well the damper and baffle worked. I found that I was able to control the burn better in this stove than any of the other stoves I have used in the past. This is a very great discovery as the lightweight design and construction of titanium stoves are not conducive to long burn times, so any extension of burn time is a welcomed improvement.

After several fires, rain and wind storms and crazy kids using the tipi as a fort, it was time to get out into the wilds. Idaho was calling my name and the backcountry was waiting for me and my new setup. I arrived into my hunting area just after a nice storm dropped a foot of snow which piggybacked to a several days long deep freeze. There was a snowline a few miles below me and I wanted to hike down to hunt off that line. It was the perfect time to test out a tipi/stove combo and I was eager to oblige. After setting up our base camp I was ready to hit the trail and with a backpack full of gear I headed into the backcountry confident I had everything I would need. I had remembered everything but my portable charger and though my phone is useless in the backcountry it does act as my camera, which I over used for documenting my successful hunt, thus draining what little power I had left leaving none for camp photos. As a reviewer I failed to photo document that part of testing and I apologize for that. I hope my past reviews have earned me enough respect to give credence to my words alone. The tent/stove combo worked like a freaking champ! I really can’t say much more than that. I especially loved the longer design of the cylinder stove as it allowed for longer branches which meant less work breaking or cutting wood. 

My last testing zone was what our group of testers called “The Great Tipi Creep” as it was a sort-of head-to-head review of several tipi related products. We put the LiteOutdoors Plateau 5 Man Tipi and 18’’ Cylinder Stove against the SEEK OUTSIDE 8 Man with XL Stove and a LUXE tipi with a WINNERWELL FastFold Titanium Stove. The results were comforting in regards to LiteOutdoors. 

The weekend was full of surprises from sub-freezing temperatures to strong chinook winds. The LiteOutdoors Plateau held up wonderfully against its competitors and gained the edge over the LUXE in weight, functionality and simplicity. At the end of my testing period one thing is abundantly clear, LiteOutdoors makes one of the finest hot tent combo products on the market today. For the money I just can’t see how you could beat this great setup.

Sure, I would like to see a few more extras such as an internal liner and bug net but I have a feeling that something is in the works to fulfill those interests. If you are looking for a quality stove/tent combo you would be severely mistaken to overlook LiteOutdoors. I can’t wait to get back out into the wilds while comfortably relaxing around the soft glow of red hot titanium.                  


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What can be done better?

I would like to see a liner option and bug nest as some available add-on options. The cordage at the stakeout points is not necessary and can actually make setup a bit more complicated so it might be nice to see that terminated. Other than that I find the whole combo a real winner and will gladly tell others to look into purchasing from LiteOutdoors.   



  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability