Bowtech Carbon Knight RAK Review

The Bowtech Carbon Knight RAK bow systems. Is a super light weight, durable, Carbon bow made for the serious hunting and archery.

Just the facts:
DRAW LENGTHS: 26.5-30.5″

Editor: Mike

The Story:
We tested and bought our bow here:
Mountain Archery
They have received many of these bows on a special buy, and are passing the saving on to us! NICE

Mountain Archery in Idaho invited us to their shop to shoot, test, and review the Bowtech Carbon Knight Bow.
This bow came with the RAK system installed: Quiver, Rest, knock point, and peep. It is literally ready to shoot right out of the box.
We did just that, we took the bow out of the box, connected it to the Hooter Shooter, and shot it through paper. The arrow flight indicated a slight need for a rest adjustment, and we were off to the range. Very cool!

I shoot the bow many times at 20 yards, and had to do some very minor sight in adjustments, mine was shooting high. This is of course to be expected as everyone has a different anchor point.

When I shoot a bow I look for several things:
carbon knight

1: How does it feel in my hand?
2: How consistent can I shoot it, accuracy?
3: How does the back wall of the draw feel, and do I like the wall?
4: Does it have vibration or does it jump in my hand on the release?

So how did the Bowtech Carbon Knight RAK perform against this set of criteria?
1: I found the bow to fit my hand well. I really like the grip, it is a little larger than some other carbon bows, but for me it was perfect. I was able to balance the bow in my hand easily. This bow being so light also added to the comfort. It is just easy to hold in place that this weight.

2: I am a decent archery and can usually shoot a good pattern. This bow was no exception to this. I was able to shoot a great pattern after just some minor adjustments. This bow seems consistent and accurate.
I have to admit I am not thrilled with the rest, and feel that it will need replacing after I shoot a few hundred arrows.

3: I LOVE the back wall of this bow. I do not like slop after I reach full draw, and the Bowtech Carbon Knight RAK has none. There is no question when full draw is reached. It stops firm and does not allow for more play in the draw cycle.
The bow was also very smooth, I was able to draw it with little to no jaring. I was also able to let it down without getting my arms yanked off. 🙂

4: This is a smooth bow! I felt little to no vibration in my hand after the shot. The bow sucks up the vibration with the carbon riser. You will not find any hand shock in this bow.

This is a STEAL! I would highly recommend the Bowtech Carbon Knight RAK system. You may need to swap out the rest at some point. This bow would be a good deal at $1000, it is a GREAT DEAL for less than $800.
Go get one, you will not be disappointing.

What they could do better:
I think they could find a better arrow rest for the same price.

Bowtech Carbon Knight RAK Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability


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