Swarovski SLC 10×42 Binocular Review


Swarovski SLC Binocular Review

Editor Name: Ryan Gasser

Basic Description of Item: High Quality Field Binoculars

Just the Facts:

  • 10x magnification and 42mm objective lens
  • Underside thumb rests and topside depressions for comfortable handling
  • Sturdy metal housing with rubber armor is submersible up to 13 feet
  • 330 foot field of view @ 1,000 yards
  • Nitrogen purged to prevent fogging
  • Measures 5.59 x 2.8 x 4.8 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 30.7 ounces

Story: Seven years ago I purchased the SLC 10×42 binoculars as a wedding present to myself. I knew there was no way I could justify the expenditure to my wife after the nuptials, but I also knew I would never regret having in my possession the best glass I could possibly afford. I had decent $400 Leupold binoculars previously, so good glass wasn’t new to me, but the SLC’s were a much higher class then the Leupolds. The clarity & brightness of the SLC’s is amazing, but to me the greatest advantage of the SLC’s is the ability to glass for hours on end with comfort and ease. I never get eye fatigue with the SLC’s. And by replacing the twist eyecups with the winged eyecups, I avoid the pain I suffered with the rigid eyecups of my old binoculars.

I have used the SLC’s while hunting muledeer, whitetails, elk, turkey, bear, antlers & whatever else happens to cross my path. I even used them recently from the cheap seats at a college basketball game to observe the sheer determination in the eyes of Jimmer Fredette of BYU as he single-handedly destroyed the #4 ranked SDSU Aztecs. It was awesome, but I digress. The true value of these binoculars is most clear in the high country of Wyoming where I go to hunt majestic trophy muleys every year. The area we hunt has significant hunter pressure so gaining 10 minutes of glassing light at daylight & dusk has proved invaluable on several occasions. The SLC’s have the ability to see when lesser optics fail. It has literally made the difference between bagging the buck we’ve been waiting for & going home empty handed. They are rugged & have withstood several instances of falling to the ground, even from the saddle of my horse on occasion.

In conclusion, the SLC’s are incredibly versatile, clear, bright & rugged field binoculars that are hard to match. They are very close in optical quality to the EL’s, but significantly heavier(also much less expensive). While I wouldn’t consider them a “value”, I have never regretted purchasing these binoculars, nor do I expect I’ll ever need to upgrade. They are probably the most worthwhile hunting investment I have ever made.

What they could do better:

  • Lighten them up a bit
  • Include the winged eyecups standard, along with lens covers that fit over the winged eyecups

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  1. carol amato says

    Hi Ryan!

    I also love my brand new Swarovski binocs…a splurge but I will never be sorry! I got the winged eye cups from Ace Photo Digital, (Angled eyecup (f/10X42 WB EL) but I can’t fit them into binocs. I removed the regular eyecup, but can’t screw in the winged. Am I doing something wrong? Are they maybe the wrong size? Any advice would be appreciated!

    Carol Amato

    • Hi Carol,
      I checked on this, and it seems that some people are having problems with those cups, getting them on. They should work though. You may want to return them or go to a shop for installation. Hope that helps???

  2. Story:
    Are you looking for the best glass out there? The Swarovski 10X42 SLC is the answer. I’ve owned a pair for 5 years now. I bought them 2 years used from my cousin. That was one of the best investments I have made towards my collection of outdoor gear.
    I have been very satisfied with how well they have held up towards my abuse, at least until the end of the fall season last year. They seemed to not focus as crisp and the right glass had just a hint of blur in the middle that I couldn’t get to go away. Naturally, I assumed it was from the beating these bino’s have taken through the last 5 years.
    I called Swarovski and explained what was going on and they told me to send them in and they will see if they can fix the problem. Of course I was expecting a bill when they were through. About 4 weeks later I receive a package with my bino’s in it. The invoice said it was covered under warranty. What a great company to warranty an item that was not a factory defect and especially after almost 7 years. They fixed the blur problem and did an internal and external cleaning and polish the lenses. I have never seen the glass so crisp and clean in a very long time.

    Although the retail price at 2000 dollars is a little steep, if you are patient and watch for sales online or check out certified Swarovski dealers on Ebay, you will find a good deal for these. You will not regret the purchase and you will never have to buy another set of binoculars again.
    What they could do better:
    I cant think of anything.
    Star Rating per rating criteria:
    Functionality: 5
    Value: 4
    Ergonomics: 5
    Durability: 5

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