S4 Gear Optics Lockdown Deployment System Review

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Basic Description:
S4 Gear’s Optics Lockdown System features a high tech harness system that allows for Tension Free Glassing with ShockCord and Anti-Bounce Technology. All features reinforce the idea that the LockDown Optics Deployment System represents an innovative improvement over all other previous binocular straps and harness systems on the market.


Just The Facts:
The S4 Gear Optics LockDown System provides hunters and outdoor enthusiasts the very best in a comfortable, secure harness system that provides the following:
• Anti-Bounce Technology that safely secures binoculars to your chest without permitting the movement or bounce associated with traditional harness designs. You can crawl, climb through ledges, or even run without the fear of your binoculars moving around or making unnecessary noise.
• Tension Free Glassing allows you to draw your binoculars to your face with a single motion. The 50-50 pre-load design utilizes the ShockCord Security strap for maximum protection during storage while being completely free of load during use.
• A Moldable Security Cover protects a wide variety of optics. The laminated design features scratch resistant materials inside, an aluminum core for memory and a durable noise resistant fabric for the exterior.
• Multiple Adjustments for personalized sizing and comfort. Whether it’s your waist size, optics size, optic cover position, optics tension or harness positioning, you can accommodate an array of adjustments with a single model.
• ShockCord Security Straps fasten tightly to your optics for maximum
security while still maintaining tension free glassing.
• Streamlined Straps are lightweight, silent and designed to be compatible with backpacks.

While most binocular systems feature straps that either have no lens protection at all or enclose your binos in a protective department that offers no attachment or tether the S4 lockdown deployment system utilizes the best of both worlds with their pliable cover for a low profile fit and the ShockCord Security Straps that fasten your optics for maximum security.

For someone who has spent countless hard core years “out on the mountain” backpacking and scouting for trophy rams I’ve experimented with and destroyed more binocular harness systems in field tests than I can remember. I’ve been searching for the perfect binocular harness for years that is tough, durable, and would meet every demand I inevitably place on such systems. The perfect binocular harness for me will not only protect my expensive, high powered 15 x 56 Swarovski’s from the elements but will also manage and eliminate the bouncing that can occur with heavier, larger optics. The harness must also display a very quick release system for immediate spotting. In the S4 Gear lockdown system I found exactly what I’ve been looking for.
Please keep in mind that I hike for hours each day in very rugged terrain and the weight of high end binos can get very uncomfortable on neck and shoulder muscles, especially if the harness system you are using allows for too much movement. With the S4 lockdown I found a harness that was made of high quality material, looked great, was extremely compact, efficient and comfortable to wear.
The harness itself forms a single strap high in the middle of your back before splitting into separate straps over both shoulders. These shockcord security straps connect to a binocular cover system that is molded with an aluminum core that fits snugly over your binoculars. Made of scratch resistant materials and noise resistant fabric this cover not only protects your optics but it holds them firmly in place against your chest. Belt straps that run around your mid-section connect the lockdown to the back of the strap. With one quick release I can bring the binoculars to eye level for glassing in seconds. I can also detach the complete system from my binoculars with a couple of quick cord releases that allow me to connect my optics to my tripod for longer periods of stabilized glassing in the field.
The S4 lockdown deployment system is well deserving of all its “hype” and is the most innovative harness on the market today in my opinion. There is no doubt that S4 Gear spent some quality time out on the mountain to develop this system. I used this harness for 3 months last fall on some of the most demanding desert sheep hunts in the western US. The rugged canyons and high desert terrain of southern Utah are very unforgiving when it comes to equipment. I was not disappointed in the performance of my S4 deployment system and highly recommend that you purchase a harness from S4 Gear for yourself. You won’t regret it!
The S4 system comes in two sizes that are available for optics 6” to 7.5” in length. At a price of $45 this system is worth every penny. With your purchase you will receive a warranty on the product, split rings and four zip ties to attach your binoculars to the harness. The sizing and adjustments for your body are simple and fitting your binoculars to the harness are just as easy. Good luck everyone and enjoy this well thought out new innovative binocular harness out on the mountain.

What They Could Do Better:
S4 Gear hit a home run with this one. The only suggestion I have is that the moldable security cover could be just a little wider for larger optics.

S4 Gear Optics Lockdown Deployment System Review EDITOR CHOICE
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