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Lead Field Editor: Randy Johnson


Basic Description of item:

A small, lightweight, innovative optics cleaning kit that can easily be attached to your binoculars, pack, bag, or belt when you are out on the mountain.

Just the Facts:

The POCK, or P005 Optics Cleaning Kit from Field Optics was designed for the big game hunter, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, birder, or others who know that taking proper care of their very expensive optics, camera lens’, or other optical products should be a high priority. The POCK contains all the key elements you demand to keep your scopes, sunglasses, optics or photographic camera lens fresh and clear of the harmful dust, dirt, smudges and fingerprints that could harm them. Here is what you get in this inexpensive, unique Field Optics kit:

• Small vial of a non-alcoholic based cleaning solution
• 100% goats hair lens brush
• microfiber lens cloth
• cotton swab
• protective case with clip for attachment to store everything in

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As an big game hunter, outfitter/guide for 20 years who spends countless hours out in the field using extremely expensive, high end optics, camera, and video equipment it is absolutely essential that I keep my optical gear free of dust, dirt, smudges, so that I can not only spot the big game trophy I’m searching for but protect them from damage.

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When you backpack hunting as I do its amazing how quickly the lens on your optics become dirty. Clean them with a hankerchief or shirt and I can guarantee that this abrasive material, combined with fine dust particles will damage your lens. I can’t haul big cans of compressed air and bottles of cleaning solution out on the mountain with me so I need something that is light, takes up little room, and will clean my optics efficiently. This is where Field Optic’s Professional Optic Cleaning Kit (POCK) comes in. So small that I can attach it to my Swarovski Binoculars I have a lens brush, cotton swab, cleaning solution and microfiber lens cloth handily available to keep all of my optics clean.

Remember, that when you are cleaning your optics you want to tip the lens downward so that when you brush any debris will fall away from you lens. I also like to carry a very rubber air blower to use with this kit.

With a price of only $9.95 this inexpensive optics cleaning device should be on everyone’s gear list. Manufactured by Field Optics Research out of Orem, Utah, this company only designs some incredible Eyeshields for binoculars that I have used for years.

What They Could Do Better:

The POCK is so simple for what it is designed to do that it is incredible. The only suggestion I have for Field Optic’s Research is to find a way to include a very small rubber air blower in the kit also! Great job guys.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability