Bushnell Bow hunter Chuck Adams Laser Rangefinder Review

Editor: John

Basic Description:

Laser Range Finder, with ARC Technology

Just the Facts:

  • Built-in digital inclinometer measures angles from -90 to + 90° with +/- 1° accuracy
  • Pocket-size ergonomic design
  • 4x magnification
  • Bow Mode – provides true horizontal distance from 5–99 yards
  • Rainproof
  • Range: 5–800 yards
  • Built-In Battery Indicator
  • Includes carrying case, battery and neck strap


I picked up the Bushnell Chuck Adams range finder a couple of weeks ago. I am a a bow hunter and a rifle hunter, so a range finder that compensates for angles up to 99 yards, then will reach out to 800 yard appealed to me.

I have taken this new range finder out now several times. I am looking for several deer that I believe have shed their antlers and decided to pack this along and try it out.

On 2 outings the light was great, and I was able to get good readings out to 400 yards with ease. On the next 2 trips the light was poor, early morning, and evening, in these conditions I struggled to see through it well, and struggled to get a good reading. This led me to my summary below:


-It ranges distances up to 200 yards very effectively.

-The angle compensation does seem to work out to 99 yards as advertised.

-Beyond 200 yards I had to really keep the button down a LONG time to finally get a range reading.

-Beyond 400 yards I basically could NOT get a reading.

-Low light conditions make this unit hard to use.

What they could do better:

-Fix the low light issues

-More magnification, 4x is not enough

-The device in most cases takes TOO long to return readings.

Bushnell Laser Range Finder

Where to Buy:

Bushnell Bowhunter Chuck Adams Laser Rangefinder Review
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