Kowa 600 series Spotting Scope Review

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Basic Description of Item:
High Performance in a Lightweight Body, User-Friendly Models with Excellent Cost Performance. In this class of scopes, the TSN-600 Series has an unprecedented weight making it extremely easy to handle and carry.

Just the Facts:
From KOWA Web Site
All lenses, prisms and dust proof glass are fully multi-coated, ensuring sharp images and a clear visual range.
These scopes weigh less than 745g (25 – 26 oz.) but are tough enough to withstand the most adverse conditions.
The housing is waterproof to JIS* Protection Class 7** and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.
*JIS=Japanese Industrial Standard
**The Scope is not intended for use underwater

Backpacking into remote areas, was the name of the game for my 2013 hunting season. This made me start looking for gear that was small, lightweight and durable.
I finalized my backpacking list, and decided that a Kowa 600 series spotting scope would be a great addition, and ideal for the back packing hunts I would be doing. It is one lightweight little scope, that I had high hopes for. . I ordered this scope in the 601 or angled model, with the 20-60 variable eyepiece.

The scope arrived in September, and I eagerly opened the box..UUGH was my first thoughts. It just looked too small and felt kinda cheap to be honest. Oh well, I will give it a run.
I connected it to my Vortex High Country lightweight tripod and went outside. Huh, I thought as I looked up on the side hill in front of my house. I could see great, I did not have any blurring on the edges, and the zoom was smooth, and easy. Focusing the Kowa 601 also was a snap, and it lead to sharp fine images without any effort.
Ok, the real tests came as I made several scouting trips!
I have to admit that I was still a little worried about the ruggedness of this little scope, but those fears were quickly laid to rest. I found they scope to hold up really well, and I have no problems or worries about shoving this into a pack for a long hike in.
The scope became my daily companion as I spent September and early October using it on a daily basis inside of my pack.
I looked over many elk, deer and goats as I used it in preparation for my Idaho Back Pack hunt.
So far, test 1 was a success. I loved the weight and clarity during scouting season.
Next, the back pack trip.
I packed 5 miles into remote Idaho. I used lots of lightweight gear, and fell in love with the size and weight of this little dude.
It fit about anywhere I wanted to put it, and just added very little weight. It is flat out lite!
I hunted the early mornings, and the late nights. It performed quite well in this environment! It has only a 60mm exit objective, but it still gathered enough light for me to be comfortable relying on it for hunting situations.

You would be wise to consider this scope for a back pack hunt.
It is durable, lightweight, and has good sharpness and clarity.
It is now my scope of choice for back packing hunting
It should also be considered for everyday use, and is a scope to consider for any situation

What they could do better:
Great scope, but the exterior coating on the body does scuff a little.
This does NOT impact performance, just looks used quickly.

Kowa 600 series Spotting Scope Review
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