Vortex Crossfire II 6-18 x40 rifle scope review


Vortex Crossfire II 6x18x40

User submitted review: Colorado Nathan

I put the Vortex Crossfire II rifle scope on the Savage Axis rifle also reviewed.
I have to say I really like this scope. It has the magnification needed to see a pop can at 600 yards and score repeatable hits. I use the BDC reticle and also dial it up and down with a ballistic calculator app. It has always tracked reliably and come back to the same zero. The BDC reticle is easy to use and not overly complicated like some options out there. The turrets are a good compromise between ease of use and not getting overly tall. I have used this scope to hunt various small game, punch holes in paper, ding steel at long range and bag two antelope. I like this scope enough that I will be replacing the Nikon BDC scope on my 7-08 and replacing it with one of these.

vortex crossfire

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  1. I have been use one! It really great , it help me good shoot

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