NeoAir Therm a Rest back packing pad

Editor: Tyson


Basic Description of item:

3 Season Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Just the Facts:

Size:      Reg. 20″ x 72″
Weight:    Reg. 14 oz.
Thickness: Reg. 2.5″



I finally decided to purchase the NeoAir after looking over a number of different inflatable pads. The main reason for this decision was the weight and size, at 14 oz. and when rolled up was only twice the size of 20oz bottle. It was the lightest pad that I could find that looked to be durable enough to last multiply backpack trips.

The first time I put this pad to use was on a scouting trip in mid June.  Due to the warm nights I was planning on just setting up under the stars.  But by dark the mosquitoes were more then I could stand, so I through my pad in the back of my truck with a camper shell on it.  Even with the contours from the bed of the truck I still felt very comfortable sleeping on this pad.

I have used this pad on numerous overnight trips on the mountain for the past year. It has held up very well.  As for comfort and pack weight it is great.  The only thing that could be improved on is the grip on the pad.  The first time I was on a back pack trip with this pad I was unable to leave the ground out flat.  There was a slight angle from left to right and through the night my bag gradually slipped to the side of the pad.  It became a little irritating to have to adjust back to the center of the pad every time it slide to one side.  On a flat surface this is not an issue. But if you have any angle at all it will slide.


What they could do better:

Better grip on the top of the pad



NeoAir Therm a Rest pack backing pad
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability