Goal Zero Guide 10 kit review

Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:

Guide 10 power pack and a panel for power in the field.
The Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit offers the same compact power source as the standard Guide 10 Plus Recharger, but this kit comes with a solar panel for charging or recharging your MP3 player, smartphone, GPS, headlamp, or batteries in the field. Power your electronic devices via the four rechargeable batteries in the power cell, or plug your device into the solar array to save the batteries in your cell. Goal Zero makes sure its products are durable for use in the field.
• State-of-the-art monocrystalline technology in Nomad 7 panels deliver more power per square inch than any other solar technology available
• Solar panels put out 7 watts to fully charge AA/AAA batteries in Guide 10 in 2-4 hours; Guide 10 Recharger can also be charged from a USB power source in 8-10 hours; you can also plug devices directly into Nomad 7 for daytime charging
• Includes two extremely durable panels in a weather-resistant, impact-resistant folding envelope made of high-dernier textile
• Reflective nylon loops make it easy to hang the panel from your backpack or in car window when you’re on the go, or in any convenient spot in camp, and built-in pocket protects your device as it charges
• Includes USB port, 12V port, and solar port to charge Guide 10 Plus Recharger
• Guide 10 Recharger includes four rechargeable AA batteries (included) that store 10 watts of power to enable you to charge an MP3 three times, your cell phone twice, an e-reader once, or top off the last 25% on your tablet computer from the USB port
• Built-in LED flashlight shines from this battery pack for up to 100+ hours per charge
• Includes insert that will accept AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries, solar charge cord, mini-USB charge cord


I have been using the Guide 10 kit for about 2 years. I have used it on several back packing hunting trips, and around the house just to test it out. Here is how I have decided to use it, and how I have the most success:
Process for charging battery pack from the Nomad 3.5 and Charging my Droid Phone
-I connect the Goal Zero Guide 10 battery pack to the solar panel for charging. I leave it in the direct sun for most of the day while I am away from camp.
-When I return from hiking, or at the end of the day, usually after 6-12 hours of charging, I connect the battery pack to my cell phone for charging.
-I leave the battery pack connected to my phone for 2-5 hours of charging, or until the battery pack has fully discharged.


-The Guide 10 battery pack takes at least 8 hours to fully charge from the Nomad 3.5 solar panel
-The Guide 10 battery pack, when fully charged will charge my cell phone to 50% capacity. I have yet to be able to fully charge a cell phone from a full battery pack.

Summary and recommendations:

Having a viable cell phone when hunting, camping, hiking etc, has become quite important to me and many others. For this reason being able to gain a charge is vital.
The Nomad 3.5 with the Guide 10 battery pack is a good solution for this purpose.
It is light weight, durable, and seems to work.
Granted I was hoping for better charging in shorter amount of times, but I have adapted, and feel what this pack gives me is sufficient.
We recommend this kit as a good solution, and feel it is certainly worth having. Make sure you are aware of the charge times, and the capabilities of this device, or you can find yourself without a charge.
However if you are aware, this device will do the job.
Nicely done Goal Zero.

What they could do better:
-work on faster charge times
-change documentation to reflect real world experience.

Goal Zero Solar Panel Review
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