Title: Silver XP Scent Eliminator 

Editor: Tyson

Basic Description:

Eliminats bacteria caused odors like body odor, as well as non-bacterial odors like smoke and food odors.

Just the Facts:

Colloidal Silver particles

Silver XP

Silver XP with Earth Blend


I don’t believe there is anything out there that can fully eliminate bacteria odors. Although silver has always been known to reduce bacteria and its odors.

I started using Silver XP a little over a year ago. Before that time I was using all different types of scent prevention sprays. I never was fully convinced that they  worked that well, that is until I bought the Primos brand Silver XP.

One of the first times that I tried the spray was on the opening night of the archery season last year. I had stopped by a friends camp to see how there day had gone. When I got to their camp they had a big camp fire going.  I didn’t think much about it at the time but when we got back to our camp my buddy and I had a strong smoke smell on our camo.  We decided to try out the Silver XP that night. We both soaked our clothes really heavy with that spray and let them hang in a tree and air dry over night. The next morning we  couldn’t believe how well the spray had worked. Neither of us could even smell a hint of smoke on our clothes. 

Throughout the archery season last year I had numerous occasions where I was within 15 yards of bull elk and none of them seemed to be spooked until they caught me moving.

I would highly recommend investing in a bottle of Primos Silver XP before you head off for your next hunting trip.

What they could do better:

Bring the price down a couple bucks

Silver XP Primos Scent Eliminator Review
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