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Basic Description:
A heavy-duty, 600-denier TPU laminated fabric (with completely welded construction) DRY bag with harness and hip belt to stabilize and support heavy loads while transporting, moving or carrying large amounts of valuable gear through airports, to isolated locations by truck, ATV, boat or by other transportation means. Sea to Summit’s Hydraulic Dry Pack features a breathable, quick-drying EVA foam Hydraulic™ harness highlighted by low-profile attachment points, adjustable back length and sternum straps reduce to reduce sagging and to create a near-custom fit. The Hydraulic Bag was built for extremes and will stand up to bone chilling cold as well as harmful UV rays without cracking for extended use. Both the pins and harness are removable.

sea to summit hydraulic
Basic Facts:

Sea to summit Hydraulic dry pack
Sea to summit Hydraulic dry pack

sea to summit hydraulic 2

sea to summit hydraulic 3

Sea to Summits Hydraulic Dry Pack/Bag was designed to stand up to the extremes of Mother Nature when you demand a dry pack that is not only waterproof, but is resistant to various types of abrasive conditions! Built for toughness, the Hydraulic Dry Bag is made out of a 600 Denier polyester carrier material with TPU laminated on both the inner and face of the pack. Featuring a Field Repair Buckle this pack is highlighted by completely welded construction including the lash patches.

A removable harness on the HYDRAULIC makes it much easier when portaging for those running rivers. If I’m in the airport using this DRY PACK as luggage I find removing the harness very simple. In fact, it can be difficult anywhere when you find yourself transporting or carrying large amounts of gear and that is exactly what the HYDRAULIC was made for. The Sea to Summit Hydraulic™ harness is an open construction of EVA foam and air mesh, allowing plenty of airflow and rapid drying without sacrificing comfort. The harness attaches to all compatible Hydraulic™ Dry Bags (35L – 120L) with a series of buckles as tough as the bags themselves.

It should be noted that submerging your Hydraulic Dry Pack for long periods of time in deep water can cause water to seep eventually seem through the roll top. This is the case with any quality roll-top dry sack.


• TPU-laminated 600D heavy-duty waterproof fabric—high performance and abrasion resistant
• Nonwicking TPU roll-top closure with innovative interlocking profile that is secure and waterproof
• Welded construction for durable waterproof seams and snag-free seam profile
• Durable PVC-free and UV-resistant fabric sheds water and does not crack in extreme cold
• Oval base to resist rolling
• Features a replaceable buckle with stainless steel pins
• Harness system is easy to put on and take off:
• Harness and waist belt feature open construction of EVA foam and air mesh, allowing plenty of airflow and rapid drying without sacrificing comfort
• Fully adjustable back length and height-adjustable sternum straps
• Screen-printed diagrams on the welded patch show the herringbone pin/harness removal steps
• 7075-T6 anodized aluminum buckles are robust and fail-safe
• Low-profile attachment points to reduce snagging when harness is not attached
• Available in green, black, blue or yellow colors.
• 120 Liter or 7322.84 cubic inches
• Length 18.5”
• Width 12.6”
• Height/Depth 44.5 in
• Weight 3 lbs 15 oz/179g
• Abrasive Resistant


As a hunter, guide, backpacker and adventurer I travel a great deal and spend weeks each year out on the mountain in some of the most pristine, isolated, rugged, and scenic terrain in North America. I work very hard at what I do. Getting to such locations requires me to transport and carry heavy loads of valuable gear through airports, on horses, in the beds of trucks, on ATV racks, in boats, etc. It is always a high priority for me personally to protect my gear from dust, water and the abuse of “baggage handlers” who really don’t care about taking special care of my gear. Over the years and by experiencing many valuable learning lessons of “hard knocks” I’ve found that my valuable gear can get damaged, covered with abrasive dust, or damaged by wet conditions if not protected appropriately. I’ve tried transporting my backpacks and other gear, that often weighs upwards of 100 lbs in large duffle bags, etc, but have found most of them to be very bulky and cumbersome to carry or move. Needless to say, I’m always on the lookout for a better way to protect or transport gear.


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I’ve had the privilege of using Sea to Summit’s outstanding gear on multiple occasions so when I saw that they were manufacturing a new, abrasive resistant 120 Liter or 7322 cubic inch Dry Pack featuring a shoulder harness and waistband my interest was immediately piqued. I saw this as a great opportunity to utilize and field test their Hydraulic Bag as a better means of protecting my gear. Sea to Summit also believed that my “hard core” field test and subsequent review would substantiate the strength and flexibility of another quality item in their line of outstanding outdoor gear!

In utilizing Sea to Summit’s Hydraulic Dry Pack to transport and protect my gear I want to emphasize how much I have learned to appreciate the flexibility, durability, toughness and value of this combination dry bag/pack. I can honestly say that the HYDRAULIC has provided me with a much better way to protect my gear. By designing of a shoulder harness and waist pad on their dry bag Sea to Summit’s visionary team has stepped forward to meet the needs of a diverse group of individuals who spend their time in the outdoors and traveling to difficult locations abroad. Personally, packing large amounts of my gear around in airports or to base camps has now become much easier for me although my loads will never get any lighter!  I’ve strapped the Hydraulic onto the front rack of ATV’s to protect and transport my gear in extremely dirty and wet conditions. I’ve also had to secure it to pack horses and in boats!


Sea to Summit hydraulic pack
Sea to Summit hydraulic pack

sea to summit hydraulic 6

I have found Sea to Summit’s innovative, HYDRAULIC DRY PACK, relatively simple to put on and take off. When I check the pack in at the airport or when transporting it on a horse I prefer to remove the harness and waistband attached to my dry bag/pack. This is a simple process because I don’t want baggage handlers using the shoulder harness to throw my pack around nor do I want the harness to catch on a limb, etc. I found it was easy to put on and remove the harness system that attaches to the pack with a series of 7075-T6 anodized aluminum buckles that have been built tough. If my HYRAULIC PACK is transported inside a pannier on a horse then I may not choose to take the harness or waist-band off.

Since I spend much of my time out on the mountain I am always at the mercy of Mother Nature’s elements I have found the HYDRAULIC pack invaluable in protecting my gear. Since this pack is a “dry bag” I can verify that it performs incredibly well in keeping driving rain or snow away from my gear. Featuring waterproof seams and a snag-free profile the tough, durable PVC-free and UV-resistant fabric will totally shed water. Even after extended use the laminate material on the Hydraulic will not crack in extreme cold or blistering heat. I’ve had this pack in some very difficult terrain where it has been subjected to sharp rocks, limbs, etc and have found it to be abrasive & tear resistant.

In various instances I have chosen to use the HYDRAULIC PACK to protect my gear while transporting it on the front of my ATV in extremely dirty, dusty conditions. If you have ever driven an ATV on rocky, very rugged roads/trails you know how much dust and pounding you and your gear can be subjected to. I must say that I have been very pleased with how well the HYDRAULIC has kept my gear dust free and protected in these difficult conditions. The non-wicking TPU roll-top closure with its innovative, interlocking profile has provided me to also secure and waterproofing my gear in equally wet conditions.

Sea to Summit’s HYDRUALIC PACK/BAG was not designed to carry or backpack for long distances although I have been impressed with the stability it provides me when transporting my heavy gear in the airport or to a truck, boat, etc. There have been instances when I have hauled my fully loaded 7200 cubic inch backpack and various other expensive items of high quality gear INSIDE the HYDRUALIC where it weighed over 100 lbs. The high performance and abrasion resistant TPU-laminated 600D heavy-duty waterproof fabric is not very flexible so to adequately compress my loads inside this DRY PACK/BAG I like to utilize separate straps, cords, etc, to make it less bulky. I would have liked to see the designers at Sea to Summit include some “detachable compression straps” on this bag! From my years of experience, when you compress the profile of a pack/bag that you are carrying it makes it much more effective.

I’m not a Kyaker but I can guarantee that outdoorsman who spend a lot of time out on or in the water and have to portage, etc, are going to love this pack/bag. There have been several instances when I was being transported in a boat to a remote location where the rain and waves made for some very wet conditions. Wow, not one item of my gear got wet inside the HYDRUALIC DRY PACK as it protected and kept everything waterproof.

After returning from numerous trips my HYDRAULIC pack/bag has been covered with mud, dust and even blood in some instances. I found it very easy to clean as I just turned on the outside water hose and sprayed it off. The laminated fabric is easy to brush and is extremely durable.

Sea to Summit’s HYDRAULIC PACK can be ordered in bright blue, green, yellow or black. I chose black because I didn’t want a color that would stand out when I was in the field. Most people would prefer the brighter, very attractive colors. For those who enjoy doing their shopping on the “web” they will find this pack priced from $140 to $199 so there are some great deals out there. I highly recommend the purchase of this dry pack/bag if you are looking for a quality item of gear that was specifically designed to protect your gear. Please note that you can purchase Sea to Summit products at Cabela’s and many other outdoor retailers. Check out their great gear at

I’ve always found Sea to Summit’s Customer Service efficient and easy to work with. They warrant their products against defects in materials and workmanship for the intended life of the product under normal use. This warranty does not include damage due to improper use or care, accident, or negligence. This warranty also excludes normal wear and tear and material breakdown due to age, use, or environmental conditions.

It should be noted that Sea to Summit’s liability for warranty claims is limited to repair, replacement, or credit. Warranty decisions are left to the discretion of the Warranty & Returns Department. Sea to Summit will not, under any circumstances, be liable for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from a warranty claim, and in no event will Sea to Summit’s aggregate liability exceed the price paid for the product. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

What They Can Do Better:

Sea to Summit is an outstanding company that manufactures high quality gear for the outdoors. The HYDRAULIC DRY PACK/BAG is as good as it gets. The only recommendation I would make in regards to improvement is for the Sea to Summit technicians to design several removable compression straps on the HYDRAULIC PACK. Kudos to the Sea to Summit team on another great item of outdoor gear!

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