Under Armour All Season Hunting Pant Review Ayton

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
Under Armour brand, fleece lined all season hunting pant. Camo

Just the Facts:
Made with Under Armour®Stretch improves mobility and accelerates dry time with lightweight fabrics built in a 4-way stretch
Wind Resistant materials block wind from penetrating the body for optimized core temperature regulation and comfort
Moisture Transfer System keeps you Dry and Comfortable
Durable hard face fleece exterior
Cargo pockets for additional storage
Zippered leg openings for easy on and off
Adjustable cuff openings
32-inch inseam


I received my Under Armour hunting pants about 3 weeks ago.
When receiving, I was a little surprised at the size of the package, LARGE. Upon opening the box I saw why. The Under Armour Ayton hunting pants are not small and light weight. This is a big, bulky pair of pants. You could compare the size to a pair of thicker wool pants.
Ok, I am over the weight and bulkiness…I put the pants on, and was amazed at the comfort. They feel very good against your skin, since they are fleece lined. I did a couple of squats in the pants, and they seemed to move well with my body.
I then did a few jumping jacks, and some high lift walk in place leg movements. I noticed that the pants did bind up against my knees a little, and did not give me total freedom of movement.

I then took the pants up to the mountains. Over the course of 2 weeks I have worn the pants on 4 different hikes. Most of the hikes have been in snow, mud, rain and cold!  I felt these pants could be a viable option for cold weather, and eliminate a pair of Wool pants, or a set of pants with thermals.

I found the pants to be a little binding on the hikes, they do not move with my body like KUIU, or Sitka pants. They were comparable to wearing blue jeans in that regard.

I also found the pants to be inconsistent, odd word but here is what I mean.  The pants are Fleece lined in most areas, but not in the back of the knees, they keep you warm everywhere except for there. How strange that they are lined all over except for the back of the knees.

This lack of lining caused my legs to be cool, and I often looked down to see if I had splashed water on my legs…nope just open material with no lining.

I did like that the pant seemed to repel water. I was able to hike in crappy, snowing, raining conditions and never did get moisture through to my legs. These are NOT RAIN pants, but do provide some level of moisture resistance.



This is a well built pair of pants. The seams are great, the pockets are very adequate, and the zippers are good.

The pant does bind as you walk, but not to a large degree. They are water resistant, and should keep you somewhat warm in the cold weather.

Advertising this as an All Season pant is odd. I cannot imagine wearing them in the heat of August.

The lack of lining on the back of the knee is odd, and created some draft.

Under Armour is a great company, and I know they will get it right, but I would skip on these pants.


What they could do better:

Make them contour to your knee movement

Get rid of the opening on the back of the knee.

Under Armour All Season Hunting Pant Review
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