Eddie Bauer Guide Pro Pants

Just the Facts:

Live Your Adventure®
The most versatile guide pants we have, with the added benefit of converting to 10″ shorts in just seconds. Lightweight, packable Flexion two-way stretch nylon/spandex is complemented by articulated knees and trimmed calves for unrestricted range when climbing or scrambling across an approach.
• StormRepel® DWR FinishSheds moisture so it doesn’t soak in
• FreeShade® UPF 50+ sun protectionSunscreen In Your Size®
• Odor controlTested to last through 20 washes
• Two secure zip cargo pocketsKeep essentials close

eddie bauer guide pant 1

eddie bauer guide pant

Live Your Adventure®
Our Guides’ choice for everything outside: from moving fast in the mountains to lounging in camp. Lightweight, packable Flexion nylon/spandex two-way stretch fabric provides mobility and moves moisture away from your skin. StormRepel® DWR finish sheds moisture.
• FreeDry® moisture wicking Optimal comfort while active
• FreeShade® UPF 50+ sun protection Sunscreen In Your Size®
• Two secure zip cargo pockets Keep essentials accessible
Active: Our most athletic fit. Close to the body without restricting mobility.

My Story:
When you are hiking in the wilds there is nothing worse than having the wrong gear. Gear, is a very broad statement I know, but it is simple the truth. Even if the only thing you take with you are the clothes on your back they are still part of your gear, and when it comes to clothes you should demand comfort. Comfort comes in many forms for many people but there are a few areas that are universal. Things like fit, feel, and functionality are a few that come to mind. Lucky for us Eddie Bauer has its First Accent line and for purpose of this review we will look at the First Accent Guide Pro Pants.
My wife and I were lucky enough to get a permit into the Enchantment area of the Cascade Mountains in Washington. This is a very beautiful area that is highly popular so it is control by permits so as not to have it ruined by hordes of people. While I was working on my packing list I noticed that my hiking pants were on their last leg, literally, as the right zip off leg was strangely missing. So, I had to start thinking about a new pair of pants. I looked at several styles but the Guide Pro pants from Eddie Bauer really caught my eye. I arranged for my wife and I to test out a pair of these great pants. I myself went with the Convertible pant as I like to have the ability to turn my pants into shorts as I choose. My wife who is almost always cold was happy with the full time pants.
The pants had shown up just in time and after a quick wash and a treatment of Sawyer Permethrin spray they were ready to go. The fit was absolutely perfect for me. I found the size to be just a bit larger than advertised but I was relived as they proved to be incredibly comfortable. So remember that these pants run true to size if not a little bit bigger. My wife experienced the same fit and actually had a size down from her normal 7 to a 6 but they fit her well. She is a slim and 5’ 8’’ and she did wish for a bit more length. An option for a “long” would put these pants over the top. We were both very excited at how flexible the fabric was. I have had big issues in the past with shorts or pants binding up on my quads and making high steps or longs strides more difficult because of the restriction. Such is not the case with the Guide Pro Pants. The stretch fabric allows for full range of motion without that pesky bunching that other fabrics have. My wife and I both agree that these pants pass the Ninja flexibility test.

The trail we had to hike started with a steep incline followed by some water crossings. The whole way up the hill I never gave a single thought to my pants as they never nagged for my attention. For the remainder of the day the Guide Pro Pants remained unbelievably comfortable in both the full pant and shorts configuration. After several status reports from the wife it was clear that we both loved these new pants.
eddie bauer guide pant 2

eddie bauer guide pant 3

At camp I hatched a plan to hike to the top of a peak that overlooked the lake which we would call home for a couple of days. In the morning I inflated my small pack raft and headed across the lake to start my hike.

eddie bauer guide pant 4
My raft proved to be a bit tricky to get into which resulted in a rather wet backside. Luckily for me the Nylon/Spandex fabric of the Guide Pro Pants is fast drying. Once safely on the other side of the lake I had a very long and steep hike ahead of me. I climbed small cliffs, jumped from boulder to boulder, crossed trees, and navigated aspen groves. There was nothing that these pants could not handle.

eddie bauer guide pant 5

I soon sat atop a mountain with an amazing view of the world around. After a few photos and a light lunch it was time to think about getting back to camp.
eddie bauer guide pant 6

eddie bauer guide pant 7

It was also time to use the left over snow and the power of gravity to help me off the mountain. I am happy to report that after some very sketchy glacading I made it down to the bottom without any holes in my pants. So, they are not only tough enough to withstand climbing a mountain they can also handle sliding down one.–39-s-Guide-Pro-Convertible-Pants/12951223/_/A-ebSku_0292006707009418__12951223_catalog10002_en__US?showProducts=111&previousPage=type&pSrch=convertible
Women:–39-s-guide-pro-pants/23151062/_/A-ebSku_0311135100001010__23151062_catalog10002_en__US?showProducts=&backToCat=Pants _ Capris-First Ascent&previousPage=FNAV&tab=women&color=100
When I finally got home and was sitting on my couch I had time to reflect on the whole adventure. I really had a great time with my wife. As I sat on the couch staring at the ceiling and thinking about he past few days the silence was broken by my wife “I really love those pants” she said. I agreed and the more I thought about them the more I liked them. I have found my new hiking pants for sure and would recommend them to anybody who asked. Fine job Eddie Bauer!

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What could be done better?
I really can’t say that I would change anything about the pair of pants that I tested. I absolutely loved them in every way. My wife would have like to see there be an option for “Tall” as she would have liked another inch or so of length. She also found that after hiking a bit that she would have liked to have the zip off option that I had. This is not a negative but rather a note to EB to think about making a convertible Women’s version of these amazing pants.

I give the Eddie Bauer First Accent Guide Pro Pants an enthusiastic 5 STARS!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability