KUIU Alpine Pant Review


KUIU ALPINE PANT REVIEW www.ireviewgear.com Randy Johnson, Lead Field Editor HIGH DESERT WILD SHEEP GUIDES www.highdesertsheepguides.com Alti2ude Outdoors Pro Staff Worldwide Trophy Adventures Hunting Consultant Basic Description: DESCRIPTION KUIU’s early to mid-season Alpine Pant has taken advantage of cutting edge lightweight knitted yarns to reduce weight, increase durability, and improve the overall performance of this […]

Under Armour All Season Hunting Pant Review


    Under Armour All Season Hunting Pant Review Ayton Editor: Mike Basic Description of Item: Under Armour brand, fleece lined all season hunting pant. Camo Just the Facts: Made with Under Armour®Stretch improves mobility and accelerates dry time with lightweight fabrics built in a 4-way stretch Wind Resistant materials block wind from penetrating the […]

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