Kenetrek Socks – Montana, Glacier and Polypro Review


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Basic Description:
High quality merino wool blend socks with a polypropylene liner.
The Facts:
Kenetrek’s Montana is a strong, boot high sock intended to act as a middleweight. By fusing together low-micron merino wool and polypro fibers, Kenetrek has created a very tough yarn that functions well in both warm and cold climates. They wick foot perspiration very well and repel odor as well as blisters.

Kenetrek’s Glacier is their best all-around sock made with the quality merino wool. These socks are intentionally designed for four season comfort in any condition. Very durable, these socks will provide you with great comfort with their natural cooling or heating abilities. They fight odor and are beneficial in preventing blisters.

To provide a versatile base layer as a companion sock to their Montana and Glacier Kenetrek designed a high grade, calf length polypropylene liner treated with a natural, silver based antimicrobial treatment to provide you with a very light, odor free, blister resistant sock. They wick moisture, breathe, and reduce friction.

As with all the gear I use I’m also a firm believer in wearing high quality socks with my expensive hiking boots. Like all of you, I’ve had to deal with foot problems while out on the mountain miles away from my vehicle. There’s nothing worse than experiencing friction induced hot spots, or worse, painful blisters while backpack hunting. Learning from past experience with difficult “out in the field” foot issues I have experimented over the years with various blends of socks to prevent having to hobble back lame to the trailhead miles away. Believe it or not, bloody, raw, sore feet can be the difference between success and failure on a hunt. I’ve seen my share of really tough hunters/hikers have to turn around over the years because the oozing sores on their feet from broken blisters and abrasions wouldn’t allow them to go that extra mile to get to the trophy ram that was waiting for them.

The “winning combination” that I prefer as preventative medicine for these type of issues is to combine a light polypro liner with a high quality merino wool sock. I’ve been a big fan of Bridgedale socks for several years now. However, noticing that Kenetrek just came out with some new socks I decided to test their Montana, and Glacier merino wool blends with my Desert Guide boots. Once again, Kenetrek has came up with a quality product.

I found the Kenetrek Montana sock was not as heavy as the Glacier but was very strong, soft and comfortable. The combination of low micron merino wool and polypro fibers functioned well for me while pounding out some tough miles. I like to wear the Montana with Kenetrek’s polypro liner when hiking in exceptionally hot weather. The Glacier, on the other hand, has provided me with exceptional performance in any weather condition and is made from the very best merino wool blend. Again, as a base layer, I used their polypro liner, which helps to wick the perspiration away from my feet and reduces friction. It hasn’t seemed to matter how much dirt and grungy plant residue that I’ve worn into these socks they have not “driven me out of the tent with their foul smell.” They seem to fight foot odor very, very well. I’ve also been extremely happy with the cushioning they have provided to my feet. I haven’t had one issue with blisters while wearing them. To top it off these socks always wash up well, retaining all their features. I definitely noticed the extra padding provided in both the heel and toe areas that in these socks that has helped prevent “foot slippage.” These are areas that have always worn out with inferior socks that I used years ago. I have also been happy with the colors these socks came in since I’m always wearing various types of camo combinations while out in the field. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with purchasing any of Kenetrek’s socks.

What They Could Do Better
I’m very satisfied with Kenetrek’s Montana and Glacier socks as well as their polypro liner. I simply haven’t found a flaw in the socks yet.

Kenetrek Socks - Montana, Glacier and Polypro Review
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