KUIU Gear Attack Pants Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:

High tech weather proof hunting pants

Just the Facts:

• Toray 225g/m2 4-Way Double Weave Stretch Woven Fabric
• Toray Kudos DWR
• 18.5 Ounces
• Mid-weight
• Durable
The KUIU Attack pant is made with a Primeflex 225g/m2 4-Way Double Weave Stretch woven fabric. This durable fabric is treated with Toray’s industry leading Kudos DWR and has a brushed inside to eliminate chaffing. To ensure reliability, the Attack pant is made by Tamoda Apparel, a premier cut and sew house located in Vancouver, British Columbia


WOW!  I get about 1-2 items per year that I open the box and say wow. The KUIU Attack Pants were one of those items. The packaging was awesome, and the items inside looked great.

Ok, enough about the packaging and aesthetics of the box, lets get to the pants themselves.

I slipped the pants on, and headed on a shed hunting trip. I began by taking on a steep 1 mile slope, I was thrilled how the pants flexed with my body, I know this sounds sick! but it was if I was naked. Man these pants are flexible and unbelievably comfortable.

I topped the first ridge, and started down a MUDDY steep trail. The trail was covered in roots and overgrown with thick nasty oak brush. I slipped, and slide down the mud path in my new pants, UUGH, but a good test. I continued the hike heading right into the thick undergrowth. I have some other high end flex pants that I use from time to time, and have ripped and snagged them several times, not the KUIU pants! These things are dang near bullet proof.

I continued the hike for another few miles, not avoiding any mud, snow, or brush. I wanted to see if I could really work these pants out. I did just that.

Over the next few days, I would wear these pant for several more trips and always tried to beat the crap out of them.

After I came home from the first trip I had my wife spray off the mud with the hose, keep in mind it was 37 degrees outside. I was thrilled with how the mud just rolled off with the water, and I did not have any moisture get past the material onto my legs. This made me believe I could use these pants in a decent rain storm and remain dry, I know KUIU does not consider this rain gear, but they are pretty close to that.

I spent the next while looking over the seams of the pants. I have a couple other pair of hunting pants that have pulled apart at the seams, but there is NO way these pants will. They are overlapped and double sewn at each seam.  I could go on and on about the quality and workmanship of these pants, but just suffice it to say, that the quality is the best I have ever seen.

After the hose down by my wife, I shook the pants off, and brought them in the house to dry. It did not take long and the pants were dry and ready to fold up and put away. I wadded them into a small ball and stuffed them in a pack. THEY ARE FEATHER LIGHT, and take up no space.

Other Important Stuff:

The front pockets are deep and will secure reasonable loads with ease.

The cargo pockets are great, they are in the perfect location, keeping loads away from the front of my legs.

The seams on these pants are a thing of beauty! and bullet proof

All zippers are easy to use with one hand and are equipped with a nice rope loop making use EASY.

The belt loops are plentiful

The KUIU Attack Pants are now my favorite pair of pants period. I bought this pair in camo, but I am getting a second pair in a solid color just so I can wear them every day. The Attack pants run 139 dollars straight from That may sound pricey, but when compared to other high end hunting pants, this is a steal. This pant is simply the best hunting pant out there, not just the best pant in this price range, it is the best pant at any price.

Way to go KUIU! The hype, the blog, the simple adds, got me thinking about your clothing, but the quality, fit, comfort, and durability sealed the deal.  I am a believer.

Kuiu Gear, Attack Pant Review
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