Zamberlan 1013 Leopard GTX boot review

Editor: Cory McLaughlin

Just the Facts:

Based on Zamberlan’s most popular boot the 996 Vioz GTX, the camouflage patterned 1013 Leopard GTX delivers astonishing comfort, fit and performance on a relatively lightweight and extremely stable platform. The Leopard was built for stealthy performance on the mountain or off and is perfect for early-season bow-hunting as well as tactical and military applications.

zamberlan gtx leopard

Features of the Leopard include:
▪ Camouflaged Zamberlan Vibram® 3D outsoles are extremely rugged, provide excellent grip on a variety of terrain, feature an uplifting forward rocker and solid downhill braking
▪ Resolable
▪ Dual-density midsoles are made of PU with TPU stabilizers and Vibram’s premiere backcountry rubber compound
▪ Uppers feature Zamberlan’s latest leather creation with a unique camouflage blend to enhance your entire hunting kit, from head to boot
▪ Gore-Tex® Performance Comfort membranes provide waterproof protection and breathability and are guaranteed by Gore-Tex® for the life of the boot
▪ Microtex® collars wick moisture from around the collar and reduce leg abrasion for greater comfort
▪ The ZFS (Zamberlan Flex System) allows the upper to break forward comfortably without compromising lateral support and protection
▪ Available in regular (ZBPK) and wide (ZWL) sizes
▪ Made in Italy
Nubuck Leather With Hydrobloc® Treatment
GORE-TEX Performance Comfort
Zamberlan® Vibram® 3D Camo
8 – 12, 13
710 Gr (Misura/Size 42)

My Story:
Well I have to tell you that the search for good boots never ends. If you have read any of my other reviews on hunting boots you will know that I really do have a love for a good boot. I suffered a significant injury to my foot while in the Army and so my want is far outweighed by my need for quality footwear.
During the 2017 Outdoor Retailer I was able to meet with Zamberlan and work out the particulars of doing a boot review. We talked for a good while and finally come to an agreement on two separate pairs of boots. The 960 Guide GTX and the 1013 Leopard GTX. Both looked to be ideal for the terrain and use that I was looking for and so the handshake was made and so began my journey. I was first to explore the 1013 Leopard GTX.
I started my testing in a relatively unconventional way. I was off to be a counselor at a camp that I volunteer for and thought it to be a great place to break the boots in. During the camp we hiked, climbed rock walls, went boating, and played hours of dodgeball. I was on my feet from sun up to sun down chasing kids and ultimately just having a great time. My feet were the furthest thing from my mind. This is a good thing because if I was not thinking about my feet they must not be bothering me.

Elk season was soon to be upon us but I needed to get a few hiking trips in before the season. A family hiking trip to one of our local trails was in order and the Leopards were up to the task. You know what they say about the family that hikes together!

zamberlan gtx review

Soon after I found myself walking the mountains in search of elk. It was September and the weather was hot and dry with periods of thunder storms and occasional mountain rain flurries. No matter the weather these boots were very much up to the task. I had to take it a bit easy on the first few hunts as I had a partner that was just not ready to climb over deadfall and rockslides.

The Leopard GTX are designed to be a very functional and comfortable hunting boot. The offer a very unique camouflage pattern that honestly looks cooler than it is practical. After an application or two of the waterproofing it is hard to see them as anything other than a brown boot. These boots offer supreme traction in just about any terrain as they have a bullet proof Vibram outsole that offers both up and down hill traction points. The boots are resoluble and thus an even better choice in regards to boot life. They also offer Gore-Tex which should need no explanation unless you live under a rock. The boot looks, feels, and is proving to be very tough!

When I was ready to really tear into the earth while climbing hills and rock slides I was very sure that the Leopard GTX’s were going to do just fine. There is a peace that comes with having confidence in your gear and these boots have given me nothing but comfort and support. While I love to see things that say “Made in America” I have to say that when it comes to boots the Italians have us beat hands down. You will be happy to know that these are Italian made! I really do feel that this is one of the better boots that I have ever used and I have already gotten a few friends to purchase a pair. This is an excellent option for the late summer archery seasons and just about any other use you can think of. I love these boots!

zamberlan gtz leopard

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What can be done better?
I love em! I really can’t say anything else about them. Sure there are features that other boots have that these don’t but if you really want those features go buy those boots. These things are simply great just as they are!

5 Super comfy stars!

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability