Crispi Wild HTG GTX Boot Review

Editor: Cameron Meier

Basic Description of Item:

Upper: Full-grain leather
GORE-TEX®: Insulated comfort footwear lining
Insole: Differentiated structure
A.B.S.S.: CSF construction
Vibram®: Sole with shock absorbing mid-sole
Height: 9.5″
Weight: 870 grms or 1.9 lbs per boot

Just the Facts:

This is a 9.5” tall mountain hunting boot that is well suited for steep rocky terrain and will give you excellent support when carrying heavy loads. It is fairly lightweight for a boot that is this high, weighing in at 1.9 lbs. per boot.


I have had these boots for a few months now and have put on a quite a few miles with them. To cut right to the chase they are without a doubt the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They were pretty much broken in right out of the box. (Although after 30 miles or so they feel much better.) I really did not want to go get these boots dirty when I opened the box. They are a better looking boot than my nicest dress shoes and you can tell they are built to a high standard. Everything from the stitching to the laces and the inside of the boot are flawless. The inside of the boot has very few seems which will help reduce hot spots. I never experienced any in these boots. These boots also shed water like a duck. I was in a steady rain for a few hours and the water just beads off. The Gore-tex doesn’t even come into play because of this. They have a very high gusseted tongue which obviously helps keep the boots waterproof higher up the boot. But the way the tongue lays down when you lace them up is what’s amazing. You don’t even feel that extra material when you are wearing them. Something I have experienced in other boots which drives me nuts.
After wearing these boots they are not your average Danner Pronghorn type hunting boot. The Wild’s have a much stiffer/rigid outsole. Which will help greatly when side hilling or when you are carrying heavy loads off trail. I shouldn’t even mention Pronghorns in the same sentence as the Wild’s. Not that the pronghorns are a bad boot, but they no longer have a reason to ever be on my feet. The Wild’s also lock your heel into the boot better than any other I have tried. When you lace these up your foot is not going anywhere. (Which means less blisters) I want to make sure I am making myself clear when I say these boots have a stiff/rigid feel to them. They are very comfortable and I always use to associate stiff with uncomfortable. But not anymore, stiff to me now means support, and less foot fatigue. The sole of the boot are also top of the line Vibram soles; which gives you great traction.
These boots are made to European quality, meaning the over the other sea boots do not begin to compete. The Gore-tex is a different quality; the insulation is not the Thinsulate stuff that we are used too. It is a more dense insulation which will not compress overtime; thus not losing its warmth. I will say the Gore-tex breaths better than my Danner’s. To give you an example the Danner’s I have are non-insulated, and the Wild’s have insulation and are considered a mild winter boot. I wore both of these boots all day on separate days before Christmas in a mall that is 70 degrees and doing various things. My feet were dry the whole day with the Wild’s, and with the Danner’s my feet always seem to have a clammy feeling. Well that is due to the Gore-tex breathability. I am not saying I would wear these in 70+ degree weather but it will regulate your feet’s temperature better than a comparable boot with cheaper Gore-tex.
This is my initial take of the Wild’s and they are a home run in my book. If you have been using a pair of $200 hunting boots and are tired of them wearing out in a year or two or tired of your feet getting wet and tired. Maybe it is time to spend some more money and reward yourself. I honestly think they may end up being cheaper in the long run. I will check back and update you on durability as a few months is not a fair time to judge durability. My guess is they will last a long time.

What they could do better:

Nothing right now, they are just really expensive.

Crispi Wild HTG GTX Boot Review
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