Hoyt Rampage XT Compound Bow Review

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Basic Description of item: 2011 Hoyt Compound Bow, dual Cam, mid range price.

Just the Facts: 32 inch axle to axle, 323 fPS, 7 inch brace height, weight 4 lbs. Magnesium riser.



I spent an afternoon at the local Archery Range setting up and shooting this bow.

The set up was easy, we just slapped on a whisker bisquit, put on a cheap sight, tied on a release loop and away we went. I used a Scott release for the testing.

Amazingly the first shot was only 1 inch high and perfect left to right at 20 yards.

I really could not believe how quiet the bow was. I am also amazed at the low, very low level of hand vibration.

The bow felt very balanced in my hand, and it was with little to no effort that I was able to open up my grip hand and have confidence that the bow would be balanced.

The draw was smooth, with a very distinct STOP. I like this! It makes me know I am at the end.

I compared it to several other models of bows in this price range. I am not going to list them here, but suffice it to say, in my mind this was the clear winner.

I love the look of the bow, I really like the laminate paralel limbs, and the dual cam set up.  I think Hoyt has a winner.

Keep in mind I do not own a Hoyt, never have. I have been a bow hunter for 30 years.

I liked the bow even more  the more I shot it, and went away thinking WOW, what a great $700 bow…I went WOW WOW when I found out it was $599.

I have shot the Hoyt Rampage bow now for over 3 months, and I am still very impressed, quiet, fast and just a great bow.


What could they do better:
Make it easier to adjust length by user without changing modules

Check out our video review of the Hoyt Rampage XT Compound Bow

Hoyt Rampage XT Compound Bow Review
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