Mathews Halon series of bows review

Editor: Mike

Just the Facts:

Mathews Halon 5, Halon 6, and Halon 7.
Halon 7:
The all new 2016 HALON™ is our hardest hitting flagship bow to date. Inspired by NO CAM™ technology, the Crosscentric™ Cam employs a partially concentric string payout and AVS® Technology to produce a stealthy draw and consistent accuracy while delivering speeds up to 335 feet per second. Wider, more torsionally rigid limbs and our new dual-bridged riser is designed to support this powerful cam system and endure the toughest hunting conditions. A true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency. Outfitted with the new FlatBack Grip™ and industry-leading Harmonic Damper® and Harmonic Stabilizer,® the HALON™ is rock solid and deadly quiet.

Mathews Halon 7 Facts:
IBO Speed: 335 FPS
Axle to Axle length 30 inches
Brace Height: 7 inches
Weight: 4.55 pounds
MSRP: $1099

We also put together a video that can be watched here:

Mathews Halon bow
Mathews Halon bow

My Story:

The Test:
We set up the Halon using a whisker biscuit, a fixed pin sight, Gold Tip 7595 29 inch arrows, and a 125 grain field point. The total arrow weight as weighed on my powder measuring tool came in at 490 Grains.
We shot the Halon 7 bow through paper to make sure we had the bow tuned correctly, and set the bow to a 29 inch draw.
We then sighted in the Mathews Halon and were comfortable that we were hitting the center of the target consistently. This bows was a dream to tune, and we ran into NO problem with these steps.
We shot the bow about 25 times at an indoor range, and then shot outside through a chronograph to check for speed.
We performed this test over the course of about 2 weeks and utilized a great archery shop in Rexburg Idaho, Mountain Archery in Rexburg Idaho.

mathews halon bow review
mathews halon bow review

Observations as we have used the bow for several week now:
The Mathews Halon is a smooth, fast and accurate bow.
As we mentioned this bow is silky smooth, and very easy to draw, hold on target,and shoots with no hand shock. We also noticed that the string angle, due to the large cams, and high reach above the limbs, is outstanding. This allows your peep to be closer to your face, and easier to look through.
This bow is short, but those long cams make up for that and really help with the string angle.
We checked with a number of archery shops that well the Mathews Halon, and they all felt that the bow was easy to tune, easy to work on, and of very high quality. We agree with all of them and are very pleased with this bow.
We will keep you updated as we use it more, and report back on the sting wear, and how well it holds a tune.

We consider this one of the very best bows for 2016, and rate it a strong buy. Well done Mathews on the new line of Halon bows.
We gave it a rating in several different categories and listed these results and our rating below:

mathews halon bow review
mathews halon bow review

Mathews Halon Test Results:
Speed with 490 grain arrows, at 5 yards: 301 fps
Draw smoothness: SMOOTH, the Halon was silky smooth to draw!
Hand shock upon release: NONE, the Halon lead in the category! No vibration or hand shock.
Accuracy: Outstanding

mathews halon bow review
mathews halon bow review

What they could do better:
-Leave this bow alone for 2 years, and change nothing
-improve the string a bit, it seems like the quality is less than the competition.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability