G5 Prime Centroid Compound Bow Review

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Basic Description of item:

Hunting Compound bow made by G%

Just the Facts:

27″ – 31″
50, 60, 70
Introducing Prime™ and Parallel Cam™ Technology
Prime is a premium bow line by G5® Outdoors that aims to take bow technology and innovation to new heights. Parallel Cam Technology is a breakthrough cam technology that addresses a major issue cams have had until now: cam lean.

My good friends at Jake’s Archery in Orem Utah, told me I had to shoot this bow, and see what I thought. Several of the guys there shoot the G5 Prime Centroid bow, and have been won over by the bows promise of NO CAM LEAN, and instant tune ablilty. They also felt the bow took it to the next level in regards to smoothness, lack of hand shock, and a nice feeling draw cycle.

I have to admit that the idea of having a dual cam, with 2 strings running over the top seems to make sense, and one can see how cam lean should be eliminated.

I took a total of probably 30 shots with this bow, each time really focusing on how the bow drew, how it felt on release, and then finally how accurate it was.

I have to admit that the bow was smoother, with less hand shock on the release than the other bows I shot that day. The draw cycle was also very nice, it has a good smooth pull, and a distinctive stop at the end. It felt good on the draw and did not make me feel I was shooting a speed Demon,  although it is very very fast.

The guys at the shop all assured me it would be difficult to get this bow out of tune, but very easy to tune, if it ever did.

After taking all the shots, I had the following impressions:

-Very nice draw cycle

-Little to NO hand shock, probably the best I have shot

-Very accurate

-It is advanced and certainly leading the pack as far as technology.

A good solid bow, that I would have to rate near the top, of the bows available in that $1000 dollar range. Nice job G5.




G5 Prime Centroid Compound Bow Review
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