Hoyt Carbon RX-3 Bow review


Hoyt Carbon RX-3 Compound Bow Review

Editor: Mike Radford

Just the Facts:

Carbon RX-3 Ultra Hunting bow, 334 FPS, 34 inch axle to axle, 6 ¾ brace height, 4.1 pounds.

ZT Pro Cam, 70 Pound bow, at 29 inch draw.


Basic Information:

Hoyts new Redwrks line of bows come in 3 styles: Ultra, RX-3 and the Turbo. All with Carbon risers and new cams for 2019. Ranging in Price from 1300-1700 depending on where and what you buy.


The Story:

I took possession of then new Hoyt Carbon RX-3 bow in January of 2019. The bow came beautifully package with a couple nice surprises included: Carry Case, and a new Hoyt Hat…very cool!

I added a few things onto the new Hoyt Redwrks bow and started shooting that day: Vaper Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest, Black Gold 7 pin sight, Stinger stabilizer, and a basic quiver.

This bow came tuned perfectly! I did have the guys at Mountain Archery in Idaho check it out after I added all the necessary stuff. They checked the cam timing, PERFECT, and made sure the center shot was set up correctly, it was.


It is nice getting a new bow that out of the box is ready to go, this is not always the case.


My testing of the bow included the following steps, all shot with GoldTip 300 29 inch arrows, and 125 grain field points:

  • I shot the bow in cold weather, over 100 times
  • I shot the bow inside in about 70 degree weather over 100 times
  • I then shot the bow in mild temperature over 50 times (getting tired)
  • When shooting outside I shot standing and kneeling.

My impressions:

The Hoyt Redwrks, Carbon RX-3 Bow is the finest, smoothest, and easiest to shoot bow that I have every used. The ZT Cam is the real deal, and give this bow great speed, with great accuracy. The ZT Cam system keeps the cables lined up with little to no torque.

The Hoyt bow was easy to set up, it is easy to hold on target, and the dead in your hand feel when shooting is just second to none.

The RX-3 Carbon Bow highlights for me are:
– It is light
– It holds on target with ease, just great balance
– It is FAST, at 70 pounds with heavy arrows and tips it shoots just
over 300 FPS, I dropped that to 60 pounds and still shoot 290 FPS.
– It is very very quiet
– It has very little vibration
– It is very accurate due to the ZT Pro Cam, low vibration, and ease of holding on target.

The Hoyt RX-3 line of bows are a BUY. They are just awesome in every way. Pricey YES, but they seem to be worth it.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability