True Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Archery Release Reveiw

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of item:

Archery Release camo spring style with leather wrist strap.

Just the Facts:

  • Camo leather foldback Evolution buckle strap
  • Over 1” length adjustment which can be locked in place


I have only used ball type releases for the last 10 years, Carter, Tru Ball, Scott etc. So I decided to change courses and try an easier to snap on spring style release. I picked up the Tru-Fire Edge Buckle release at Sportsman’s Warehouse several weeks ago.

I made the trip to the range with 3 releases, but really was looking to check out this release.

I loved how the wrist strap has an extended elastic strap that clips into the buckle side of the strap. This allows you to easily tighten the strap, and keep the strap on, only using one hand.  Using one had to hook on your release is a BIG deal while hunting. This wrist strap is the BEST for doing this.

I pushed the trigger, eased the claws up to the string loop, let go of the trigger and it was LOCKED on. This will really be nice when out in the field, the release attaches to the loop with EASE.

I was worried how smooth the trigger pull and release of the sting would be, since this is a spring release. But I was amazed at how easily it pulled, and how well I shot with it. It was obvious by my grouping that the sting got away with little to no interference.

The release also adjusted in length very easily. You take out a set screw, turn the body out, and then tighten the set screw.

Nice job True-Fire

What they could do better:

Include an allen wrench with the package.

Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback Release Review
  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability