Innerloc Stainless Extreme Broadhead Review

Editor: Jake Thorson

Basic Description of Item:

100 grain fixed blade broadheads. 1 1/16 cutting diameter.

Just the Facts:

Small stainless 3 blade head has 1 1/16 cutting diameter. Easy to assemble. Blades lock into head. Very durable, great penetrating broadhead!


After years of bowhunting and trying out lots of different broadheads, both fixed blade and mechanical, my friend suggested I try out the innerloc stainless extreme 100 grain 3 blade heads. I wanted to see how they would fly compared to field points so I made sure my bow was paper tuned and shot my first group at 20 yards. I couldn’t tell a difference between the flight of the field points and the flight of the broadheads. My next group was at 50 yards and once again they flew perfect. Every arrow hit the dot!

I took them to Texas on a pig hunt and shot a pig at 20 yards that was facing me. The arrow entered the front of the chest and went completely through the animal, exiting one of the hind quarters.

I next took them on a Utah mule deer hunt and made a 61 yard shot on a buck. The arrow went through both lungs and had a complete pass through. The buck went only 25 yards before expiring.

Both times after rinsing the blood off the arrow the broadhead looked like it had never been shot. I was very impressed with both the flight as well as the durability of this broadhead.

What they could do better:

The only thing I am not entirely impressed with is the cutting diameter of this broadhead, however if they changed the size it might not fly as well or penetrate as deep… And we all know that a well placed shot is far more important than a huge cutting diameter.

Innerloc Stainless Extreme Broadhead Review
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