Hoyt CRX 32  Bow Review

Editor: Mike


Basic Description: 2011 Hoyt crx 32 inch hunting Compound Bow, Dual Cam, Hunting Bow

Just the Facts:



Fuel Cams

32 inch ATA

3.9 lbs


I spent the day at the local archery shop shooting all of the new Hoyt and PSE bows. The Hoyt bows I tried: Rampage, Rampage XT, Hoyt CRX 32.

I will focus on the Hoyt CRX 32 in this article.

We set the bow up with a Whisker Biscuit, a sting loop, a Cobra Sight, and shot Carbon Gold Tip XT Hunter arrows.

My first shot was very low and left, so I made one adjustment to the sight. I shot again and now shot slightly low and left…one more adjustment and I was on target.

I had shot 10 arrows by this time, and felt good that I had the bow tuned well, shooting well within 10 shots. A paper tuning shot showed that the arrow was traveling well.

I then concentrated on how the bow felt on draw and on release. I  was pleased to find on the draw, a very firm STOP at the end of my 29 inch draw. The bow did not have any wiggle, and any more room for more pulling when it ended the draw cycle. I like that.

The bow drew back fairly smoothly, not as smooth as some of the PSE bows, but an easy loose draw is not that big of a deal for me. Don’t get me wrong the draw is not rough, just not as smooth into the stop as other bows.

On release I noticed that there was virtually NO hand shock at all, no vibration, no shock, it was just dead! very very nice.  The arrow seemed to leap out of the bow and fly to the target. I was able to easily keep the bow stable and on the target as I held for long periods of time just to check it out.

I did compare this bow to the Rampage XT, and felt the difference was nominal…just FYI when considering which bow to buy. The sleeker, smaller handle and design of the CRX may tempt you to spend the extra money.


What could they do better:

Very nice bow, no recommendations at this time.

Hoyt CRX 32 Bow Review
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