Savage A17 Rimfire Rifle Review, 17 HMR Review

Editor: Mike

Basic Description of Item:
The Savage A17 is the only 17 HMR rimfire rifle in a Semi Automatic. Savage had to deploy many years of research and development to come up with a Blow Back semi auto action that would safely fire the 17 HMR round.
The Savage A17 is an affordable gun at about $450. It is a no frills gun, but functions wells.

Savage a17 parts
Savage a17 parts

Just the Facts:

RightRate of Twist:9
Weight:5.41 lbsOverall
Barrel Length:22″
Ammo Capacity:10

Series: Semi-Automatic
Magazine: Detachable rotary
Stock material: Synthetic
Barrel material: Carbon Steel Stock finish:
Matte Barrel finish:
High Luster Stock color:
Black Barrel color:
Black Sights:
Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mounts (Factory Installed)
Features:Delayed Blowback Action, Hard Chromed Bolt with Dual Controlled Round Feed, Case Hardened Receiver, Button-Rifled Barrel

savage a17 1

My Story:
I have had the Savage A17, 17 caliber HMR gun for about 6 months. I have spent a fair amount of time shooting the rifle at an outdoor range, and also shooting it at squirrels, rabbits, and rats.
I have kept count, and as I am writing this article I have put about 500 rounds through the gun.
I have shot it in about all conditions. I have shot it in 80 degree weather, I have shot it in the rain, I have shot it in sleet and in snow. The Savage A17 has performed flawlessly in these varied circumstances, and I have yet to have even 1 misfire.

Nikon prostaff 3-9 bdc reticle
Nikon prostaff 3-9 bdc reticle

I topped the Savage with a Nikon Prostaff 3-9 scope with a BDC reticle. This scope was inexpensive but seems to work well. I found it easy to site in the gun, and did so at 50 yards. The gun was hitting 1 inch high at 50 yards when I was all done, which is exactly what I wanted.

I was able to easily, off of a decent rest, shoot a .27 inch group at 50 yards, which would equate to better than 1 moa gun.

I found the Savage A17 to be a real shooter, and very consistent! As I mentioned earlier we shot it in a variety of situations, from hot to cold, and it was spot on in all situations.

We then moved from the range to actual hunting situations. We first began by going on a Jack Rabbit hunt in central Utah. The 17 caliber gun and having a semi auto in this caliber, gave me a distinct advantage over the others that had 22s.

I shot several rabbits in the 25 yard range, and a couple in the 50 – 75 yard range. It was great having a flat shooting gun.
The wound channel of the 17 HMR was unreal! The rabbits did not have much of a chance. This gun really delivers a whallop!

After the day of hunting was over, we all discussed the Savage A17. It was the envy of the outing. It shot accurately, never mis-fired, and was devastating on the rodents we shot.

I am not sure if I would use this gun on coyotes or not…some do, and I may 🙂

Overall this gun was more than impressive. It is accurate, it works, and it is fun. Well done Savage.

What they could do better:
The guns beauty is not going to knock your socks off, maybe offer it with a nicer stock for an upgraded price.

  • Functionality
  • Value
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability